3 thoughts on “4 Easy Ways to Get Started with Local Social Media Marketing

  1. These are useful ideas. I know that when I look up a business on Yelp, I always click over to the business’ own website, and I’m disappointed when they don’t have one. Speaking of local social media marketing, what do you think about getting a business listed on Yelp? I have heard mixed things about it, but I know that as a consumer, I enjoy checking out the reviews on there.

    1. Thanks for your comment! While Yelp has been slapped with several lawsuits for alleged extortion, it is still the most popular Internet rating site. Whether businesses like it or not, consumers rely on Yelp and if your consumers are trust Yelp reviews, then it’s a good idea to have a presence on the site. Wordstream did a great article on Yelp reviews. http://www.wordstream.com/blog/ws/2013/07/22/yelp-reviews

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