101 Magic Words Guaranteed to Instantly Make You a Better Sales Writer

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”

Ooh wee I thought I was big time by saying that whenever Lil’ Johnny annoyed me in class.

My granny taught me that. And honestly, it was just as much a lie as it was ineffective in getting that bully boy Johnny to leave me alone.

You see, words can hurt. They can move you from bawling your eyes out to trembling with excitement to bursting into a rage and hurling a shoe across the room. The emotional triggers of certain words are evident in great novels, movies and music, but the power of words leaps far beyond storytelling.

When you write emails, sales pages and website copy that makes people feel something, you’re more likely to get them to do something.

Invest in your service. Download your e-book. Register for your webinar.

So, you’re probably wondering … how?

The Internet is full of folks who can jot down a great idea or two, but to make those ideas captivate the mind of the reader, tugging and pulling at their emotions until they do exactly what you want. Now, that’s a superstar skill.

The good news is, this skill can be yours. That is when you know how to sprinkle your copy with magically persuasive words.

Smart copywriters infuse their sales copy with carefully-selected, high-emotion words that draw the reader into their text and persuades them to take action.

Granted, that’s not all we do. Storytelling is a big part of it too. But that can take years to master. However, discovering how to spice up your copy with the right words is a great way for any beginner to instantly become a better sales writer.

101 Words to Start Using Now

During my 15 years as a copywriter, I’ve read and written a ton of sales copy. A while ago, I started cataloging words that captivated me, categorizing them based on the emotion you want to create, so you can easily inject magically influential words into your copy.

It’s free to you. All I ask is that you share it with your friends and readers so it can reach the folks who need it most.

Here’s how to use this list:

1. Jot down what you want your reader to do – buy, like, share, download, register and so on.

2. Write down the emotional trigger that will persuade the reader to take the desired action in #1.

3. Find that emotional trigger category in the list below and choose appropriate words to spice up your copy.

4. Drop me a note on Facebook about all the new engagement and sales you’re getting from this teeny, yet big-time change in your copy.

Emotional Trigger – Curiosity

We are all fascinated by the mysterious and unknown. It’s like it kills us not to know something. Sprinkle these words throughout your copy to get folks dying to find out more:

• Awe-inspiring
• Confession
• Cringe-worthy
• Gut-wrenching
• Insider
• Jaw-dropping
• Little-known
• Reveal
• Ridiculous
• Secret
• Sneak peek
• Surprising
• Thrilling
• Uncover
• Undercover
• Unseen
• Weird

Emotional Trigger – FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

Remember how you felt being the last to get picked for the kick ball team? Nobody likes to be left out. Use these words when you want your reader to overcome her FOMO and do something right NOW:

• Before you forget …
• Before you miss out …
• Deadline
• Last call
• Last chance
• Limited time
• Now
• Offer expires
• Only
• Price is going up
• Tick tock
• Today
• Urgent

Emotional Trigger – Safe and Secure

People won’t part with their hard-earned cash until they trust you and your service. They need to feel confident you’ll do what you say. To help your buyers feel safe and secure, use these words:

• Approve
• Authentic
• Backed
• Dependable
• Guaranteed
• Honest
• Money back
• No obligation
• No questions asked
• No Risk
• Practical
• Proven
• Refund
• Results
• Safe place
• Secure
• Snug
• Surefire
• Tried and tested
• Worry-free
• No headaches

Emotional Trigger – Greed

Nearly every person on the planet is moved by making or saving money. Use these words to tap into this emotional trigger:

• Affordable
• Bargain-priced
• Best
• Cash in on
• Discount
• Double
• Economical
• Free
• Freebie
• Gift
• Hefty
• Low-cost
• Massive
• Payoff
• Priced to sell
• Profit from
• Protect
• Skyrocket
• Soaring

Emotional Trigger – Stuck and Confused

Great copywriting meets the reader where they are in the midst of their struggles. It uses words that describe the existing state and helps the reader visualize a happier place.

Use these words to meet your reader where she is and let her know you get what she’s going through:

• Awkward
• Doomed
• Doubtful
• Embarrassed
• Frustrated
• Hesitant
• Mind-numbing
• Overwhelmed
• Panicked
• Paralyzed
• Stressed
• Stuck
• Tense
• Terrified
• Torn
• Trapped
• Unsure

Emotional Trigger – the Promised Land

Now, you certainly shouldn’t send your reader into a deep, dark depression by focusing only on her pain. Use these words to show her what life will be like after buying your product or working with you:

• At ease
• Bliss
• Captivating
• Delightful
• Ecstasy
• Fulfillment
• Gratifying
• Heaven
• Imagine
• Paradise
• Picture this
• Pleasing
• Pure joy
• Soothing

Ready to use these words to excite, engage and propel the RIGHT people to invest in your products and services?

Get fill-in-the-blank templates and formulas to do exactly that in half the time … even if writing is NOT your zone of genius.

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Words that Sell

This Two-Letter Word Can Change Your Life Forever

What’s the word? No. Yep, that’s it. N-O.

Think on this for a sec:

“No” is one of the easier words to learn when attempting a new language because no matter where you are in the world; the word is the same or very similar.

Soooo why is it so darn difficult for us to let this tiny word fall from our lips or onto the page? According to social psychologist Susan Newman, Ph.D., “most people have a hard time turning down requests.”

That means you’re not alone if you just can’t seem to utter or write this tiny word. Heck, I just got over my “no-phobia” about six months ago. But by doing so, I’m more refreshed, less stressed and able to give my best to everything I CHOOSE to do.

Ready to crush your fear of saying “no”?

Heck YES, you are! Start here:

Crush Your “No-Phobia” Once and For All

Let’s say your boss just asked you to stay late to work on a new project, and you don’t want to. You have two choices:

1.    Stay and be miserable (when your heart’s not in it, your work suffers)
2.    Say no and be more productive (because when you feel good, you work better)

Now surely, you can’t just tell your boss to buzz off and leave you the hell alone. That would be rude (and might have you on the entrepreneur train much sooner than expected).

But you can say something like this:

Thanks so much for thinking of me for the project. I appreciate your trust in my ability to handle what sounds like a wonderful opportunity for the company. I am unable to stay tonight for the meeting, but would love to be on the team. Can I take you out for coffee on Monday to catch up on what the team discussed?

See how I tucked the “no” in between two affirming statements?

The “Tuck the No” Method

You first start off with a compliment or a statement of appreciation to warm up the recipient to your message. Then you move into the “no” and end your note with a solution that benefits the recipient (and you, of course).

I call this “Tuck the No” ™ (TTN) method. And you can use TTN for emails to friends, colleagues, business partners, family members and everybody you know!

So the next time you want to say “no,” don’t be shy. Just do it! Try the TTN method and send me a note letting me know how it feels to crush your “no” phobia once and for all.

A Lesson in Personal Service from the Road-Trippin’ Strippers of ‘Magic Mike XXL’

I recently got my shut-in self outta my writer’s cave and into a movie seat on a weekday to see Magic Mike XXL.

There were about 10 of us there.

(Give or take.)

The plot?

Magic Mike (Channing Tatum) and his crew of “road trippin’ strippers” striptease their way to a male entertainers convention to prove they still “got it.”

Along the way, they take full advantage of every opportunity to please their audience.

And this is where it gets good.

You see they didn’t care if the women were short, tall, fat, skinny, Black, white or purple …

Their only goal was to create the fantasy.

And that’s just for starters.

In doing so, they treated each woman like a Queen and gave her, if even for a few minutes, what she was missing in her life …

Sex appeal.

Okay, so what? Here’s what …

That’s how each of your loyal followers should feel – like royalty.

Each one should feel like you’re dialed into their pain, frustrations, fears, fantasies, and sleepless nights.

If you’re not doing that …

There’s really no way you can capture the hearts, minds AND pockets of your ideal clients.

What’s the secret to doing it?

I share this type of stuff with my CopyCloset members, so I can’t give away the answer for free.

But I can tell you 3 things you’re probably doing that’s pushing your ideal clients away, rather than capturing their hearts, minds AND pockets:

1. Trying to sell to everybody and their mamas

People want products and services that solve their specific problems. Nobody really wants a “one-size-fits-all” solution because in business, there’s truly no such thing. There’s an old saying in the business world:

When you talk to everybody … nobody hears you.”

Stick it on your wall. Remember it. Live by it.

2. Doing too much too fast

Running a business requires building relationships … and, of course, making sales. While most of us want to cut straight to the selling part, there’s an art and science to this.

Would you walk up to a hot guy and kiss him before even asking his name?

Probably not.

So why on Earth would you think it’s okay to friend someone on Facebook and immediately send them an unsolicited message about your products and services?

Can you see what type of business the person runs?

Does she really even need your service?

Figure these things out before you go in for the “kill.”

3. Being a “giveaway artist”

On the flip side of No. 2, you cannot expect to have a thriving business being a “giveaway artist.”

Someone who is great at giving.

But sucks at selling.

If this is you, I strongly suggest you find a way (like I did) to sell in a way that feels more like giving value than selling to you.

So here’s the bottom line on asking for the sale:

You simply cannot give away everything until you find yourself living in a box and bumming change off folks …

But you can give value so your loyal followers realize the benefit of investing in you.

And that’s all for today. Love this post? Mosey down to that hot, little link below and join us for weekly copywriting secrets and infotainment emails. (I can’t guarantee we’ll talk about Channing Tatum every week, but you’ll be pleasantly entertained, nonetheless.)

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How to Barter Your Way to a Responsive Email List of Loyal Followers

If you want to build a responsive email list of loyal followers fast (like in the next 30 days) and don’t have a ton of money, this strategy can help you grow your list.

Here’s the story:

When I first starting selling info products a couple of years ago, I was struggling to build my email list. I was cranking out blogs every week. I was writing ezine articles. I was creating opt-ins, running Facebook ads here and there.

All of those things gave my list a bite-size nudge.

But they didn’t deliver the “whopper” boost I wanted.

Then one day, I decided to try something else. Something that was forehead-slap obvious. Yet, I hardly knew anyone who was doing it. And what I did was “gift” a mini-training on copywriting to a branding specialist I knew (who had a big list) in exchange for plugging my services to his list and mastermind group.

Is it working?

Oh yeah!

In fact, it only took a couple of hours to put together the training, and every time he plugs my site, a new batch of leads come in like clockwork. And now, my list is up and running with dozens of fresh new responsive followers.

Total cost?

A couple of hours of my time doing something I love.

And you can do the exact same thing.

You likely have a talent other list owners want. It could be writing … web design … social media … video editing … branding … or just about anything a list owner could use. And if you simply find these list owners (of mega and small lists – remember responsiveness is critical; not list size), you can put your talents to good use to build your list by “gifting” what you do best in exchange for endorsing your website.

Starting out it may be tough getting folks to get on board with you’re offering.

But don’t get discouraged. Believe me, they’ll want to do it.

It makes them look great to their list.

Folks are doing this all the time to build responsive lists.

And you can, too.

All you have to do is think about who to connect with and follow the information in this article.

Does Size REALLY Matter?

I’m sure you’ve probably heard the expression, “The money’s in the list.” This refers to the database of names, email addresses and other contact information you collect from customers and prospects.

Nowadays, building a list is a core principle behind online marketing – whether you’re selling services or physical products. Generally speaking, the bigger your list, the more money you’ll make.

Sounds pretty good if you’re an online marketing guru or someone who has tens of thousands of folks on their list. But what if you’re just getting started? Can you make money with a small list?

The answer to that question is “Heck Yes!”

When you’re ready to make some serious cash from your list, here are 5 Done-For-You ‘Copy and Paste’ Emails to revive your subscribers so you can do just that. Grab your emails now.

Does Size Really Matter?

Nope. I had a relatively small list (about 1,000 subscribers) that generated over $10,000 in one month. And I’m no online marketing guru.

It wasn’t difficult, I simply drove traffic to my website or landing page and captured the names and emails of my visitors. Then I sent them valuable content, follow-up emails and relevant sales promotions.

Just to give you a frame of reference, most online marketers say that if you can earn an average of $1 per subscriber per month, you’re doing well. So if I’d brought in about $1,000 in sales from my 1,000 list that would have been average. The $10,000 I actually generated is 10 times the industry average.

How did I do this? Size isn’t the only thing that determines how much you make from a list. The responsiveness of your list is a critical factor.

Responsiveness refers to the number of people who open your emails and take the action you want them to take – signing up for a webinar or making a purchase, for example.

Let me bottom line this for you:

If you’ve been sitting at a ZERO percentage open rate and people aren’t taking the action you want them to take, you can revive your dead email list. All you gotta do is write your emails with confidence, “swag” and influence.

Get the Write Like A B.O.S.S. Guide to find out how.