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Here you can find out what happens when you hire me as your copywriter.

Now, of course, you want to make sure I know my stuff. And that other solo entrepreneurs and businesses large and small hire me and love my work.

You might be interested to know I’ve won some writing awards, which means I have a knack for putting together compelling words.

Or you might care to know I have a journalism degree and an advanced degree in marketing – meaning I spent 6 long years studying how to write words that sell before ever putting pen to paper.

But I would say it’s more important to know that my clients have made millions, which means I actually turn sentences into sales.

And I’m an easy to deal with professional yet personable copywriter who lives by deadlines and takes a “double-eared” approach to client service.

You talk. I listen, I understand and I write until you’re thrilled.

You’ll find working with me easy, headache free and super enjoyable.

So, if that sounds fantastic, read on to find out how I can sprinkle smack-the-buy-button words all over your business communications.

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is the act of producing content used for the purpose of advertising and marketing. This type of text, known as copy, is also used to raise brand awareness and persuade the ideal client to part with their money or take some other desired action – download your free eBook, participate in your webinar, register for your email list.

Thanks to Wikipedia for inspiring that stellar definition of copywriting.

Bottom line: Copywriting pierces hearts and opens wallets!

What is a copywriter?

A copywriter is someone who writes sales messages — often called the “salesperson in writing” for your business. Copywriters have a variety of skill levels and can focus on a litany of niches.

Now, if they’re anything like me, they have more than 15 years of experience stringing together powerful, toe-curling sentences for B2B solo entrepreneurs, agencies, big profitable service providers on projects including:

• Website copywriting

• Online content and blog posts

• Facebook ads

• Print ads

• Email campaigns and newsletters

• Press releases

• Direct mail pieces

• Brochures and other marketing collateral

I specialize in four core areas of copywriting:

Advertising copywriting – creating super engaging and compelling print and Facebook ad copy

Website copy – delivering your authentic message in a way that appeals to your audience

Sales page copywriting – using persuasive words that communicate the benefits of your services and products and propel your ideal clients to whip out their credit cards and smack the buy button

Marketing communications – interesting and compelling content that gets audiences excited to connect with your business

Whether you hire me as your copywriter on a retainer or you need my word magic every now and again, know this:

When you work with me, the ‘WOW’ comes guaranteed.


Apryl sprinkled a little fairy dust which has brought me 3 new clients in just a few days. Just wanted to give Apryl a shout. She sprinkled a little fairy dust on my homepage and about page copy which has brought me 3 new clients who all said the same thing: ‘I was checking out your website and thought, ‘Wow, this is me.” I am so so grateful for you and your gift with words Apryl. Thank you!

Jennifer Sterling

Holistic Health and Movement Coach

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