Jumpin’ June Smackdown – Day 1: Give the People What They Want

Let me start with a statement you’ll need to remember for the rest of your biz journey: 

You cannot create digital products, online courses and services in a bubble.

This means, if you want people to invest in your stuff, you gotta give them what they want. And the only way to find out what they want is by listening to them.

With social media, this is soooo easy to do. But most folks don’t take advantage of the prospects who follow them every single day. They’re too busy sharing memes, funny videos and ha-ha moments rather than posting with the purpose to engage potential buyers. We’ll get more into that in the coming days, but for now, please know this:

The whole point of social media is being “social.” This means, you talk AND listen. You listen when your audience says they’re struggling with something. You listen when your audience says they’re excited about something. And you listen enough to create the ANSWER to their struggles and the SOLUTION to their long-term success.

Now, some “gurus” will tell you to send out surveys asking your audience about their struggles and create products and services from there. That can work, but what happens when the respondent has trouble articulating her struggle? Or she has no idea what she wants?

Watch today’s LIVE broadcast for the answer on how to give people what they want without wasting time trying to decipher their survey responses.

WIN Assignment #1: Channeling your peeps

For today’s assignment, I want you to put yourself in your clients’ shoes. Why do they buy what they buy? What have you seen them buy? What are they saying they’re struggling with?

Write down everything you come up with – this is called product/service brainstorming and should be one of the first things you do before creating ANYTHING.

Drop your TOP idea in the comments under today’s post so my team and I can help you create an irresistible product angle. So if you’ve been struggling with titles and product direction – this is the time to get some help … for FREE.

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