Jumpin’ June Smackdown – Day 2: Pimp Facebook

Now that you know what your people want, it’s time to get to WERK. The thing here is, you do NOT want to ask people what they want and then take 6 months to a year creating the answer/solution.

Time moves fast on these here Internet streets, so if you want folks to buy from you, you gotta give them what they want … fast. And social media is the perfect place to do that.

And that brings us to Day 2: Pimp Facebook.

Let’s look at a scenario:

Suzy has a bunch of ideas about an online course. She followed the steps I shared during yesterday’s broadcast and is ready to move forward with creating the online course. Now, Suzy has two choices. She can either:

  1. Spend weeks creating every detail of the course and promote the course when she has the presentation, workbooks and whatever else completed.
  2. OR she can promote the course today and get some sales FIRST before she wastes time creating stuff people want, but aren’t willing to invest in.

Soo, what should Suzy do? We’ll talk about it this afternoon.

Watch me LIVE here to hear the inside scoop on how to use Facebook to get people to buy what they said they wanted.

WIN Assignment #2: Pimp Facebook

You killed yesterday’s assignment! So today, after you watch today’s broadcast, all I want you to do is drop in the Facebook Group and share how you feel about the Jumpin’ June Smackdown so far.

Are you learning valuable tips? Are you overwhelmed? Are you ready to rock and roll and rake in some leads and clients this month?

Drop us a note on the DAY TWO post and spill the tea.

See ya at 3 p.m. EDT!

Apryl B.