Copywriting Quickies 1.0

Struggling with getting your “loyal” followers to open, read or click your emails? Wake up your unresponsive list of “zombies” with this confident, personality-infused, irresistible 4-part email series tried and tested to shock grandmas, gurus and even hard-core, can-never-be-persuaded-to-do-anything “gangstas” into immediate action.

Here’s a peak at what you get behind the curtain:

  • A virtually failproof outline of when and why to send each email so you get higher open rates, more clicks and more eyeballs on your glorious products and services
  • My secret email templates that work like magic in moving subscribers from uninterested to brimming with excitement whenever they see your name in their inbox
  • Example emails you can copy, tweak and send to shock your own flat-line, unresponsive list into action
  • Analysis of what goes on in a buyer’s head after receiving each email in the series
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