Copywriting Quickies 3.0

Tired of chasing clients down for payments? Begging for testimonials with no success? Taking on more work than you can handle because you don’t know how to say “no”?

Get access to 7 swipe-worthy emails that brilliantly handle these tricky situations and more.

Here’s a whiff at what you get inside:

  • The absolute best email for declining projects with class so you never burn bridges or kill future opportunities
  • The almost unknown way to get loyal followers to fill out your surveys, so you gain the market intel you need to sell the perfect product
  • A little-known psychology secret applied to solicit raving client testimonials (no “on-bended knee” begging necessary)
  • The exact same emails used to collect on 100% of past due client payments (no violent threats or stalking required)
  • A “shameful” writing secret that (when used) can almost guarantee you’ll book more discovery calls
  • A special way of writing (you can start doing it right away) that is nearly failproof at getting clients to answer your request for testimonials
  • The exact words I use (and have used dozens of times) for closing more sales using nothing but email
  • How to collect severely past due payments like a classy gangsta with this one “pay or die” email
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