Slay Your Sales Page Masterclass

Do you hate writing sales messages for your business? I have a client who absolutely hates writing sales copy for her books, coaching services and digital products. She actually tells everybody she meets how much she dreads writing copy. And just thinking about sitting down to craft a smack-the-buy-button sales message makes her wanna run out and stand on the highway during after-work traffic.

But she’s not alone. In fact, a lot of people would rather get hit by a semi truck doing 80 mph on the freeway than write for their businesses. They see it as tough, time-consuming and boring. And they hate sounding “corny” and “salesy.”

But NO MORE! Inside this Masterclass, you’ll discover how to SLAY your sales page and make more money than you ever imagined.

Here’s a whiff at what’s waiting for you inside the Masterclass:

  • A failproof done-for-you template you can use right away to create a sales page that will have your book disappearing from Amazon faster than funnel cakes at a festival
  • The inside scoop on how to get your clients to write your product/service sales page for you (and then smack the buy button once you publish the page)
  • The Hollywood blockbuster secret to writing about yourself in a way that attracts versus repels new clients
  • Permission to write a “self-centered” story sure to sell out your products and services like iPhones at a high school (even though other copywriters swear THIS breaks all the rules)
  • A guided tour and a copy of the money-making B.O.S.S. Sales Page Map from my bestselling book, Shots Fired!
  • 25 of my favorite, top-performing phrases you can use to glue eyeballs to every sales message you sling.

You Don’t Have To Be a Writer
In fact, if you don’t call yourself a writer, this Masterclass will probably be easier for you.

Let me break this down for you: if you’re an author, speaker, entrepreneur, coach, or just someone who has an in-demand passion you want to share with the world, you’re virtually guaranteed to make money after this Masterclass.

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