The Copy Makeover


Copy Makeovers are for big-hearted creatives, coaches and digital entrepreneurs who have been feverishly trying to persuade the right people to invest in your services, online courses and info products … but nothing’s working.

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When it comes to selling and sharing your genius with the digital world, your words have to steal hearts. Make spines tingle. And force people to take action.

And that’s the magic behind everything I write.

You can spend bucket loads of cash on branding and website design …

Countless hours stressing over color schemes, photo shoots and fonts, but if your message ain’t compelling and persuasive …

You won’t make a single sale.

Because all these elements need to complement each other (like a sexy, hot outfit, purse and shoes) to deliver an exceptional buyer experience.

So if you’ve been robbing your message and wimping out on your sales copy (read: sacrificing sales) to pay for design, branding, photos … I’ve got a bag of “word magic” with your name on it. And it’s called the Copy Makeover.

Here’s how it works:

  • You email me your draft copy (whatever you have up to 600 words – poetic prose, lifeless sentences or even chicken scratch on a cocktail napkin)
  • I style your words to do what you so desperately want them to do (influence, intrigue, sell and crush your competitors to smithereens)
  • I return your “glammed up” copy (warning – your new copy is likely to cause uncontrollable dancing and jumping)