101 Magic Words Guaranteed to Instantly Make You a Better Sales Writer

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”

Ooh wee I thought I was big time by saying that whenever Lil’ Johnny annoyed me in class.

My granny taught me that. And honestly, it was just as much a lie as it was ineffective in getting that bully boy Johnny to leave me alone.

You see, words can hurt. They can move you from bawling your eyes out to trembling with excitement to bursting into a rage and hurling a shoe across the room. The emotional triggers of certain words are evident in great novels, movies and music, but the power of words leaps far beyond storytelling.

When you write emails, sales pages and website copy that makes people feel something, you’re more likely to get them to do something.

Invest in your service. Download your e-book. Register for your webinar.

So, you’re probably wondering … how?

The Internet is full of folks who can jot down a great idea or two, but to make those ideas captivate the mind of the reader, tugging and pulling at their emotions until they do exactly what you want. Now, that’s a superstar skill.

The good news is, this skill can be yours. That is when you know how to sprinkle your copy with magically persuasive words.

Smart copywriters infuse their sales copy with carefully-selected, high-emotion words that draw the reader into their text and persuades them to take action.

Granted, that’s not all we do. Storytelling is a big part of it too. But that can take years to master. However, discovering how to spice up your copy with the right words is a great way for any beginner to instantly become a better sales writer.

101 Words to Start Using Now

During my 15 years as a copywriter, I’ve read and written a ton of sales copy. A while ago, I started cataloging words that captivated me, categorizing them based on the emotion you want to create, so you can easily inject magically influential words into your copy.

It’s free to you. All I ask is that you share it with your friends and readers so it can reach the folks who need it most.

Here’s how to use this list:

1. Jot down what you want your reader to do – buy, like, share, download, register and so on.

2. Write down the emotional trigger that will persuade the reader to take the desired action in #1.

3. Find that emotional trigger category in the list below and choose appropriate words to spice up your copy.

4. Drop me a note on Facebook about all the new engagement and sales you’re getting from this teeny, yet big-time change in your copy.

Emotional Trigger – Curiosity

We are all fascinated by the mysterious and unknown. It’s like it kills us not to know something. Sprinkle these words throughout your copy to get folks dying to find out more:

• Awe-inspiring
• Confession
• Cringe-worthy
• Gut-wrenching
• Insider
• Jaw-dropping
• Little-known
• Reveal
• Ridiculous
• Secret
• Sneak peek
• Surprising
• Thrilling
• Uncover
• Undercover
• Unseen
• Weird

Emotional Trigger – FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

Remember how you felt being the last to get picked for the kick ball team? Nobody likes to be left out. Use these words when you want your reader to overcome her FOMO and do something right NOW:

• Before you forget …
• Before you miss out …
• Deadline
• Last call
• Last chance
• Limited time
• Now
• Offer expires
• Only
• Price is going up
• Tick tock
• Today
• Urgent

Emotional Trigger – Safe and Secure

People won’t part with their hard-earned cash until they trust you and your service. They need to feel confident you’ll do what you say. To help your buyers feel safe and secure, use these words:

• Approve
• Authentic
• Backed
• Dependable
• Guaranteed
• Honest
• Money back
• No obligation
• No questions asked
• No Risk
• Practical
• Proven
• Refund
• Results
• Safe place
• Secure
• Snug
• Surefire
• Tried and tested
• Worry-free
• No headaches

Emotional Trigger – Greed

Nearly every person on the planet is moved by making or saving money. Use these words to tap into this emotional trigger:

• Affordable
• Bargain-priced
• Best
• Cash in on
• Discount
• Double
• Economical
• Free
• Freebie
• Gift
• Hefty
• Low-cost
• Massive
• Payoff
• Priced to sell
• Profit from
• Protect
• Skyrocket
• Soaring

Emotional Trigger – Stuck and Confused

Great copywriting meets the reader where they are in the midst of their struggles. It uses words that describe the existing state and helps the reader visualize a happier place.

Use these words to meet your reader where she is and let her know you get what she’s going through:

• Awkward
• Doomed
• Doubtful
• Embarrassed
• Frustrated
• Hesitant
• Mind-numbing
• Overwhelmed
• Panicked
• Paralyzed
• Stressed
• Stuck
• Tense
• Terrified
• Torn
• Trapped
• Unsure

Emotional Trigger – the Promised Land

Now, you certainly shouldn’t send your reader into a deep, dark depression by focusing only on her pain. Use these words to show her what life will be like after buying your product or working with you:

• At ease
• Bliss
• Captivating
• Delightful
• Ecstasy
• Fulfillment
• Gratifying
• Heaven
• Imagine
• Paradise
• Picture this
• Pleasing
• Pure joy
• Soothing

Ready to use these words to excite, engage and propel the RIGHT people to invest in your products and services?

Get fill-in-the-blank templates and formulas to do exactly that in half the time … even if writing is NOT your zone of genius.

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