3 Easy Ways to Overcome Blogging for Business Roadblocks

It’s hard to think of any entrepreneur in the 21st century who has managed to get by without blogging for business or having some other sort of Web presence.

But anyone with any degree of net savvy will tell you content is king – it’s what makes your site turn up on search engines and keeps visitors coming back for more.

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The Internet affords small businesses with all sorts of ways to connect with customers; online transactions, email newsletters and printable coupons are all par for the course.

Hardware, bridal gowns or video games might be your specialty, but every entrepreneur can benefit from honing his skills in writing business blogs.

Not a great writer? No problem, you can still create amazing business blogs by sharing advice that people actually want to read.

1. Write what you know.

Of course, most visitors would be disappointed to find your blog utterly devoid of text. If you’re afraid you lack the gift of gab, fret not: as a small business owner, you’ve likely got a passion for what you do. Let that verve spill out onto the keyboard!

Let’s say you own a fishing gear store. Wouldn’t customers love to read your expert take on various fishing rods? And aren’t they likely to be just as enthusiastic about all of it as you are? Go ahead and chew their ears (not literally; we’re not Mike Tyson here).

If you’ve got something to say that relates to your specialty – opinions on bait, say, or just some wild fish stories – go on and post it, and do so regularly. Fresh, enjoyable content is what turns casual surfers into habitual readers, bound to turn up at your establishment.

2. Share more than words.

Your business blog is the perfect place to deliver your treasured content. Most people think of bloggers as the folks who huddle over keyboards with their fingers on fire, but that’s not true … for most. After all, the written word is just one component of the blog experience – content can refer to any manner of media.

For example, let’s say your grocery store is running a sale on Granny Smith apples, then by all means, post pictures to whet the buyers’ appetites. Your televised commercials too would find quite a nice new home here; your ads will reach an ever wider audience, and there’s no telling what’s going to go viral. And if you’ve got a signature jingle, waste no time posting the mp3. Imagine if just one customer’s ringtone was a mobile advertisement for your wares!

3. Throw in a promo periodically.

Content marketing isn’t about direct selling, but it is okay to throw in a promotional blog every now and again. Don’t be afraid to show off your goods with photos, or amaze visitors with your zany or otherwise memorable videos. Put your expertise on display with posts that are equal parts info and entertainment. But above all, be yourself, and let your love of what you do shine across a million monitors.

What’s the Word: Blogging for business is proven to increase traffic to your website, but you’ll need to be interesting and creative to keep folks coming back for more.

What is one thing you learned from this blog post that you can act on today?



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  • How do you feel about using guest bloggers for content? I think it might be hit or miss, but if you get the right one, it could alleviate some of the stress of having to constantly come up with content.


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