The 3 Little-Known Facts about Mobile Marketing

Are you ignoring mobile marketing? If so, you’re driving potential customers right into the arms of your competitors. mobile marketing, mobile apps, mobile-friendly

Modern society today is saturated with smartphones, mobile apps, Bluetooth, mobile browsing, and so on. I haven’t told you anything new yet – you use your smartphone for business, you take calls hands-free with your Bluetooth and you manage your business with cool business apps.

But did you know that you can use mobile marketing to boost your revenues?

Mobile Marketing Works for Small Business .. and Big Business

Mobile marketing is simply marketing on or with a mobile device. A recent study by Internet Trends 2013, found that global mobile traffic now accounts for 15 percent of all Internet traffic. And guess what, according to a recent Forbes article, 84 percent of small businesses that use mobile marketing see a boost in sales.

Mobile Marketing Is Powerful

First, phones are always with their owners, providing your company with a potential source of constant contact. In fact, according to Trinity Digital Marketing, more than 1.2 billion people access the Web from their mobile devices.

The overrunning of our lives with smartphones has created a situation where we can always be reached by an app that is just a finger swipe away, especially if it provides us with something we really find useful.

Big brands like Google, Twitter, Facebook and growing brands like Candy Crush and Flixster are cashing in on the power of mobile marketing by offering mobile apps that satisfy people’s need for on-the-go entertainment. You can do the same with a good idea and a real understanding of your market audience’s needs.

You’re Missing Out if Your Website Isn’t Mobile-Friendly

Having a mobile version of your website is yet another way to reach your audience. According to international research consultancy Latitude, 61 percent of people feel better about brands that offer a mobile experience.

Pull up your website on your smartphone or tablet – is it fully functional or have the images shifted? If it looks as it does on a PC, it’s at least mobile-friendly.

Sites that are optimized for mobile search have two URLs: one for desktop browsers and the other for mobile searchers. Talk to your website designer about ensuring your site is at least viewable and functional on a tablet and smartphone.

What’s the word: Mobile marketing is the wave of the future. If you think phones are prevalent today, wait till you see what else is coming. With items like Google Glass and Samsung’s Galaxy Gear Smart Watch soon to be everywhere, mobile marketing is fast becoming an essential part of the marketing mix. As such, it’s important that small businesses stay ahead of the game and get strongly involved with mobile technology.

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