3 Steps to Finding Your Natural Writing Voice

As a professional business writer, one question always puts a big ole “Kool-Aid” smile on my face: koolaid smile

“Can you help me write like you?”

Boy, this is a question and a compliment all rolled up in one. And who doesn’t like a nice compliment?

So what’s my answer?

I’d love to teach you, but I don’t want to ruin your business.

The person asking the question always looks puzzled by my response and repeats:

“Ruin my business?”

Yes, ruin your business. Your audience doesn’t want to hear what I have to say, they want to hear your words. Your thoughts. Your brilliance.

Now, if you want me to teach you to unleash your natural writing voice – that’s something I can do.

Watch this video to hear 3 steps to unleashing your natural writing voice.

Vid Notes

Your natural voice is like that sexy, “freakum” dress hanging in your closet. It wasn’t an exclusive, but no one ROCKS it quite like YOU! As long as you:

  1. Know your purpose
  2. Have something people can relate to
  3. And use a tone that’s perfectly YOU

Your peeps — the people who need what you’re selling – will listen.

Your turn

In the comments below, tell me: What’s holding you back from writing in a way that shows your personality and “swag”?

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  • BAAB, I’ve struggled with the tone of my written voice for a while. It can be quite tough. I’ve recently settled into my own style. Thanks for the reminder and reinforcement!

  • I tried having people write for me in the past….you’re so right, it ain’t exactly authentic! Find your voice and stay on point, your audience will appreciate it.

  • Excellent! You’re so right on target with this…it takes a ton of energy to try to be someone else! Being the very best version of yourself is what will resonate with the peeps who belong in your tribe! Great use of video here too Apryl. Really enjoyed this blog.

  • One thing I would say, you won’t make everyone happy writing with your voice. People will always find something to pick at, but that should not stop you from being you. I remember I used “polishing a turd” as a metaphor in a post, which got few people to comment that it was not “business” language and I shoud’ve used something else. My writing, my voice 🙂


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