What Is the Best Day to Send Press Releases?

So, what is the best day to send press releases? Well, it depends. We received this question from an individual looking to get the best bang out of her PR campaign.

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What is the Best Day to Send Press Releases?

Many of the top press release distribution sites say it’s best to send press releases “early in the week and early in the day.”

Email inboxes are cluttered after the weekend, so Mondays are typically not recommended. Tuesdays are highly recommended because they’re early in the week, but not Monday.

From our experience helping clients write and distribute press releases, Sunday is the best day to send a press release. We’ve seen client read and interaction rates for Sunday press releases increase by more than 50 percent when compared to releases distributed on other days of the week.

What’s the Word: Any day can be the best day to send a press release. They key is to experiment with different days and see what works best in your market.

Which days give you the most hits on your press releases?

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