5 Secrets to Building an Online Community of Crazy-Loyal Fans

We’re continuing our discussion on reaching celebrity-style customer loyalty with a conversation on building an online community of amazing followers. building an online community

There is yet but one thing standing in the way of you making millions and reaching Justin Bieber status. And that’s building an online community. Sure, most of us can tell you exactly who we’re looking to buy our products and services, but actually connecting with the right audience is an entirely different story.

Start Your VIP Email List

Everyone loves feeling like very important people (VIPs). That’s why we join clubs, pay extra cash to walk the red carpet and sit in a cramped section of the club behind a velvet rope.

If you have any customers or business contacts at all, you have a VIP list … you just need to know what to do with it. Build your online community by treating your “peeps” like royalty. Every customer and business contacts are prime candidates to receive special offers and information via email from an industry expert – that would be you.

Collect email addresses on your website, social media sites and in-person. For example, if you’re at a networking event, you could say something like, “hey I send out weekly articles on small business marketing I know you could use, can I add you to my mailing list?” And, you have started your journey in email marketing.

Spread the Word

Whether you have an email list of one or 100,000, it’s important that you share good content on a consistent basis. Don’t send one article today and the next in six months. Set a schedule and stick to it.

Also, remember every connection with clients and contacts is a representation of your brand. So you’ve got to look good! Get a professional to design an email template that matches your website for brand consistency.

Get Some Online Love

Nope, we’re not talking about Match.com or Christian Singles, we’re talking about building an online community of fans who will ‘like,’ retweet and otherwise show their love for you online.  They key here is to say something worth sharing. Be conversational, funny and informative.

Give Some Online Love

Do you like controlling conversations? This is a good characteristic in some situations, but in social media, you need to focus on engaging in, not controlling the discussion.

Social media marketing etiquette says you should give love when you receive love and simply give without expecting to receive. Now, I’m not suggesting you share tweet for tweet or meaningless Facebook posts. I’m saying, don’t do all the talking. See something juicy your audience will love? Share it and give credit.

Be Patient

While it may seem Justin Beiber, Nicki Minaj and others reach overnight stardom, that’s not the case. These celebrities were on their grind for years before they became the household names they are today, we just didn’t see their behind-the-scenes hustle. So, be patient, your hard work will pay off very soon.

What’s the Word: Building an online community of loyal customers takes time and dedication. Get on your grind, stay true and focus on sharing amazing content and you’ll reach superstar status in no time.

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