Apryl Beverly

The Why, When, Where and How of Press Release Writing and Distribution

Confused about press release writing and distribution? We previously wrote about the best day to send a press release. This question came from someone who thoroughly understands key elements of a strong press release and just needed some advice on when to send. Yes, the press release time and day are definitely important. However, let’s back track […]

Build Your Brand Online Fast: Trust Words as Your Top Salesperson

Want to build your brand fast? Your marketing communications should be your hardest working salesperson. You don’t have to spend a fortune on advertising and amazing marketing materials. All you need is a good in-house or freelance writer to craft compelling copy that will sell your products and services. Sounds simple enough right? Well, we […]

Web Writing Best Practices: How Do You Measure Up?

Are you in need of a few web writing best practices to spruce up your website? Or are you an entrepreneur trying to write web copy for the first time? Or perhaps you’re a skilled writer struggling to transform your client’s disorganized, choppy content into a concise, interactive message. These 10 web writing best practices will help you overcome […]