Be an Obnoxious Tease (and Get More Email Clicks)

If you’re having trouble getting email clicks and persuading people to put their eyes on your sales offers or blog posts, here’s a way that works like crazy (when done right) almost 100% of the time. 

Look, I’m a big tease.

Especially in email.

Really you have to be an almost obnoxious tease to get people to click.

And you can do this by saying something extremely enticing for your market, and at the same time painfully incomplete.

For example:

Say you’re selling a business coaching program about helping folks ditch their 9 to 5 gigs.

Don’t say:

“I want to tell you about this fantastic new program I’m selling to help you ditch your day job.”

Instead say:

“I just learned about this great new way to ditch your day job and make a ton of money. I could almost kick myself for not having thought of it sooner. It’s fast, it’s simply and it costs nearly nothing to use it. And I reveal all the details about what it is and how it works at …”

See the difference?

The key is to NOT make it obvious you’re sending them to a “sales” page or a boring old blog post.

Here’s why:

Only about 5% of the total potential buyers – the folks who want any and everything on the subject, no matter what it is or what it costs – will click the link after you’ve told them everything that’s waiting on the other side.

To get more sales, you should test teasing them with the promise of more details and make it worth their while to click and go to your sales pitch.

In other words:

Show them just enough of the good stuff to get them to want more.

Then let what’s behind the click — your sales page or blog post “bring home the bacon.”