How to Barter Your Way to a Responsive Email List of Loyal Followers

If you want to build a responsive email list of loyal followers fast (like in the next 30 days) and don’t have a ton of money, this strategy can help you grow your list.

Here’s the story:

When I first starting selling info products a couple of years ago, I was struggling to build my email list. I was cranking out blogs every week. I was writing ezine articles. I was creating opt-ins, running Facebook ads here and there.

All of those things gave my list a bite-size nudge.

But they didn’t deliver the “whopper” boost I wanted.

Then one day, I decided to try something else. Something that was forehead-slap obvious. Yet, I hardly knew anyone who was doing it.

How “Pretty Woman” Can Boost Your Copywriting Response

If you’ve been researching “copywriting,” you’ve come across the phrase “sales conversation in writing.” Meaning copywriting is nothing more than selling in writing – in TV ads, radio broadcasts, and in your website copy, emails and sales pages.

But that’s copywriting in its most basic form.

And that’s where most business owners stop.

They sell with their experience and degrees, “look at me” phrases and “buy this right now” statements.

And while some of that is certainly “copywriting,” you need to take it a step further when selling in writing.

Does Size REALLY Matter?

I’m sure you’ve probably heard the expression, “The money’s in the list.” This refers to the database of names, email addresses and other contact information you collect from customers and prospects.

Nowadays, building a list is a core principle behind online marketing – whether you’re selling services or physical products. Generally speaking, the bigger your list, the more money you’ll make.

Sounds pretty good if you’re an online marketing guru or someone who has tens of thousands of folks on their list. But what if you’re just getting started? Can you make money with a small list?

The answer to that question is “Heck Yes!”

Real Talk: Does Writing Make You Want to Scream?

Want to know what sucks the most when writing for your business? That there’s no “perfect” formula, writing template or magical potion that guarantees people will download, buy, subscribe or otherwise do what you’re asking of them.

So what should you do?

You can either smash your computer to tiny, little pieces or you can learn to write in a way that gets people to do all sorts of dirty things to you – like smack the ‘buy’ button and whip out their credit cards. Yeah baby!

7 Annoying Redundant Phrases

Redundant phrases annoy people. And they suck the life right out of your writing. In redundant phrases, one word does all the “work” in delivering the message while the other word(s) sit around and watch.

I don’t know about you, but laziness annoys me. I want all my words to work hard to deliver my message. Here’s the thing, you probably don’t even know that you’re using redundant phrases because they’re so commonplace. But your readers notice because they drain the power from your explosive words. So please do a sista a favor and watch out for these “word power” burglars: