4 Reasons You Should NOT Hire a Freelance Copywriter – Yet

Hiring a freelance copywriter isn’t the best use of money for every business. This might sound odd coming from someone who provides freelance copywriting services for businesses, but I’m here to speak the truth.

In fact …

Most new entrepreneurs and small business owners are better off writing their own copy.

If you’re in the very early days of your business, you’re most likely still experimenting with your writing voice and messaging. Also, you may not even have a clear view on your business goals and who you want to attract. In this self-discovery phase, I recommend you NOT hire a freelance copywriter.

5 Tricks to Finish Your About Page

Already on edit #232 of your About Page?

I. Get. It.

Googling “how to write an About Page” returns 1,010,000,000 results … seems like a problem plenty of folks are struggling with.

So here’s the deal …

You can spend all day reading blogs on “How to Write the Perfect About Page” or you can get to work and use these 5 tricks to FINISH your About Page.

If finishing it sounds absolutely glorious … keep reading, buddy!

I know you’ve heard this a gazillion times, but here’s a gazillion and 1 …

4 Writing Tips for People Who Hate to Write

Hate to write? Sorry to break it to you but owning a business means you’ll undoubtedly need to write about yourself and your services.

The awesome news is that business writing is easier than you think. So grab your No. 2 pencil and a notebook because you, my friend, are about to write some super epic words on that blank page you’ve been staring at.

Ready to stop saying you hate to write? Well let’s get into these 4 writing tips carefully crafted just for you.

Tip #1: Write like you talk

10 Common Words Even Smart People Butcher

Using poor grammar or spelling in your business communications is like having an entire conversation with bread crumbs on your upper lip from that tasty sandwich you had for lunch. Talk about awkward and embarrassing!

In our busy lives, it’s very easy to hit ‘send’ too quickly before really giving your email the eagle eye. So my first advice to you is slow down and take time to proofread.

(Wish I’d slowed down before sending that email last week with a typo *Sigh*). But hey, it happens to the best of us … because no one’s perfect.

As a kid, I read the dictionary (I know – a completely nerd move) and grew up loving words. I’m always asked to read, rewrite or proofread and I love it!

Over my years of writing, I’ve seen some words that trip up even the best grammar gurus. They’re tricky and have folks running to the dictionary whenever they come into play.

Stop Making Your Boss Rich

I worked as a marketing manager for corporations for 10-plus years before I realized: I could selfishly use my skills to sign my own ticket into success. Now, I’m all about giving, but this is one selfish move I had to consider. After all, it’s been said that:

Entrepreneurs who market their businesses find more and better clients and end up making more money.