Business Plan Writing Services

Need Money to Launch or Expand Your Business?

Then you need a business plan.

But some will have you thinking business plans are old school

Yes, the business game has changed. Today, millions of entrepreneurs and small business owners are getting rich without writing a formal business plan. But believe me, they created a plan to transform their idea into a money-making business.

I don’t care if you sell eBooks online or flowers on the street corner; every business owner needs a plan. Whether you scribble it on a cocktail napkin or create a one-page action list of what you plan to do tomorrow, you can’t move from Step A to Step B strategically without a plan.

Do you need to hire a business plan writer?

We’ve solved the mystery on whether you need a business plan.  Let’s now talk about whether you need to hire a business plan writer.

Ask yourself these 3 questions:

1. Do you have enough money to launch and turn your idea into a profitable business?

2. Do you have the time to write out the details of your idea, craft a marketing plan and create a 3- or 5-year financial plan on how your business will make money and stay afloat?

3. Do you have the skills to write your plan in a way that will excite the reader and propel him to put his money on the table?

Now, if you answered “Yes” to at least 2 out of the 3 questions, you can probably write your own business plan.

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On the other hand, if you answered “No” to most of the questions, you should hire a business plan writer.

Business plans have two primary purposes:

  1. They chart your journey towards success over the next three to five years
  2. They showcase your passion and business vision to investors, lenders and partners so you can get funding for your venture

Putting your brilliance in writing

You have a bunch of incredible ideas. The only problem is transforming them into words that woo investors, lenders and partners into funding your business.

That’s where I come in. I’ll first crawl inside your mind and pull out your brilliant ideas. Then, I’ll transform your brilliance into a strategic and fundable business plan. When you hire me, it’s truly just that easy!

With 15+ years of business writing experience, a couple of degrees and having written business plans for everyone from an aspiring bed & breakfast innkeeper to a mobile app developer, I’m not cheap. But I’m professional, reliable, work well on deadlines, and have helped passionate entrepreneurs just like you attract millions in capital.

My business plan writing services start at $2,500 and include crafting your business story and developing a healthy financial planning model. All business plans meet guidelines and requirements of the Small Business Administration. Be sure to ask about my 3-payment option to help you cover the cost.

Making a great first impression

In business, your first impression is usually the only impression that counts. Together, we’ll develop a professional, powerful business plan that not only makes you look good on paper, but also gives you the confidence to sell your business story to prospective lenders, investors and partners.

The fact that you care enough about your business to look for help tells me you’re an awesome business professional. Now let’s style your words in a way that lets everyone else know just how amazing you are.

Let’s get the money you need to launch or expand your business

I’m easy to reach. Simply complete the form below and I’ll give you a call within two business days to chat about your business. Now, if you have an investor who wanted your plan like yesterday, give me a call at 877.357.8553. If I’m working my magic for another client, I may not pick up. But please leave a detailed message with your name, phone number and when you need your plan completed.