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A Lesson in Personal Service from the Road-Trippin’ Strippers of ‘Magic Mike XXL’

Magic Mike (Channing Tatum) and his crew of “road trippin’ strippers” striptease their way to a male entertainers convention to prove they still “got it.”

Along the way, they take full advantage of every opportunity to please their audience. You see they didn’t care if the women were short, tall, fat, skinny, Black, white or purple …

Their only goal was to create the fantasy.

How to Pull Off Superstar Marketing on a Starving Artist Budget

Struggling to cover the cost of your small business marketing plan? We’re all rich when it comes to a few brilliant ideas and Internet marketing. So you’re a small business owner. Perhaps you’re a startup with nothing in the budget for a glitzy televised ad with a celebrity spokesperson. Thankfully for those in small business marketing, […]

Is Poor Grammar Stopping Your Readers from Enjoying Your Blog Content?

Poor grammar can bring your content marketing efforts to a screeching halt and prevent readers from truly enjoying your message. Poor grammar has no place in your marketing content. While the Microsoft Word spelling tool is useful, we simply can’t trust it to spot all of our content errors. Perhaps we just don’t have some innate, […]

Content Marketing for Small Businesses: Are You Cashing In?

There’s no better time than right now when it comes to content marketing for small businesses. Here’s an idea of how far we’ve come: more than a century ago, John Deere, in the first known instance of content marketing, began publishing a periodical of helpful information for farmers, their key customer base. Now imagine what […]