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3 Brilliant Marketing Lessons from Jay Z

My article, “3 ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail’ Marketing Lessons from Jay Z,” was published Friday, July 19 in YFS Magazine (Young, Fabulous and Self-Employed), a highly popular digital magazine for startups, small business news and entrepreneurial culture. Music mogul Shawn Carter aka Jay Z announced the release of his new album, Magna Carta Holy Grail, in a three-minute Samsung commercial during […]

How to Maximize Your Social Media Marketing Strategy Now

Use social media management systems to maximize your social media marketing strategy. For startups, nothing is more important than building a buzz for your services or products. And social media marketing can help you do just that. According to an article on, social media campaigns have been a vital part of many companies’ marketing strategies […]

Does Your Digital Marketing Strategy Need Some Traditional Flavor?

The right small business marketing plan complements a digital marketing strategy with some traditional flavor. We all hear about the benefits of digital marketing. But how much value can small businesses really get from blogging, writing SEO articles, launching Facebook fan pages, sharing information via Twitter, sharing product images on Pinterest and having a presence […]

Choosing the Right Brand Color for Your Small Business

Choose the right brand color and you’ll move your small business from red to black. What the heck is color psychology? Your choice of brand color can trigger both negative and positive feelings for your buyer pool. Wikipedia defines color psychology as the “study of color as a determinant of human behavior.” Marketing research reveals […]