Category: Small Business Marketing

Own Your Swag: The Secret to Getting More Business

There’s a little powerful, four-letter word that’s been floating around for the past few years. Ever hear “he’s got swag?” How about “get your swag on?” Maybe you’ve heard the phrases and maybe not, but if you’re an entrepreneur or marketing professional, you’ve got to familiarize yourself with this powerful, four-letter word. Let’s Start with […]

The 3 Little-Known Facts about Mobile Marketing

Are you ignoring mobile marketing? If so, you’re driving potential customers right into the arms of your competitors.  Modern society today is saturated with smartphones, mobile apps, Bluetooth, mobile browsing, and so on. I haven’t told you anything new yet – you use your smartphone for business, you take calls hands-free with your Bluetooth and […]

Digital Marketing Is the Reason Your Audience Ignores You

The Internet is the place to grow your business according to digital marketing gurus around the world. And yes, we agree … and so do your competitors. But if everyone’s on the Internet, how do you get noticed? With all the talk in the business world today about digital marketing – social media, websites, blogs, […]