Category: Small Business Marketing

Implementing a Marketing Plan in Three Easy Steps

You can plan forever, but planning is worthless without implementation. Last week, we discussed how to create a marketing plan and today we’re keeping the conversation rolling with advice on implementing a marketing plan. Plan execution is where many small businesses get into trouble. It’s easy to talk, but doing can be a much different […]

5 Secrets to Building an Online Community of Crazy-Loyal Fans

We’re continuing our discussion on reaching celebrity-style customer loyalty with a conversation on building an online community of amazing followers.  There is yet but one thing standing in the way of you making millions and reaching Justin Bieber status. And that’s building an online community. Sure, most of us can tell you exactly who we’re […]

3 Secrets to Reaching RnB Artist Fan Loyalty without Singing a Note

Wouldn’t it be great to have fan loyalty like R&B artists? Fans who will share your content, say wonderful things about you and buy whatever you sell. Old school R&B superstars like Jagged Edge and Avant have huge fan bases who are loyal, and let’s be honest, a little crazy (even though they are mostly […]

What You Can Learn about Marketing Strategy from the Cleveland Browns

Win or lose, the Cleveland Browns have shown commitment in the face of challenge and we can all learn about marketing strategy from this comeback team. So the Cleveland Browns is on a serious winning streak and I’ll be the first to admit that I am utterly amazed and am humbled to learn about marketing […]