Category: Small Business Marketing

So You Think Writing a Business Plan Is Not Necessary?

If you want to qualify for a small business loan, you’ll need to start with writing a business plan. As promised, we’re continuing our discussion from last Thursday, “What You Need to Know About Qualifying for a Small Business Loan.” We thank Emily Sullivan, Relationship Manager in the Cleveland, Ohio office of the Economic and Community […]

Reach Your Audience through a Targeted Email Marketing Campaign

Blowing money fast on postcard mailers? You’ll reach a wider audience and spend less time and money with a targeted email marketing campaign. If you’ve been keeping up with this series of articles, you should have a very good idea of the importance of adding content marketing and digital promotion strategies to your small business […]

How to Pull Off Superstar Marketing on a Starving Artist Budget

Struggling to cover the cost of your small business marketing plan? We’re all rich when it comes to a few brilliant ideas and Internet marketing. So you’re a small business owner. Perhaps you’re a startup with nothing in the budget for a glitzy televised ad with a celebrity spokesperson. Thankfully for those in small business marketing, […]