Choosing the Right Brand Color for Your Small Business

brand color, color in marketing, color psychologyChoose the right brand color and you’ll move your small business from red to black.

What the heck is color psychology? Your choice of brand color can trigger both negative and positive feelings for your buyer pool.

Wikipedia defines color psychology as the “study of color as a determinant of human behavior.” Marketing research reveals that more than 80 percent of visual information is defined by color. What comes to mind when you see “golden arches”? How about a lowercase ‘f’ with a blue background?

Do you feel hot when you put on your red dress or handsome in that dark suit? How many times have you heard, “that color really brings out your eyes?” Exactly. Color brings about emotions and set the “mood” for your website and marketing materials. Choose the right brand color and you’ll move your small business from red to black.

What does your brand color selection say about your business?

Black shows strength, professionalism and credibility. This color is best for cosmetics, construction, corporate, fashion, manufacturing and marketing businesses. What top brands are using black? Nike, Puma and Honda.

Green represents organic, natural, youthful and adventurous. This color is best for companies in the life sciences, medicine, recruitment and human resources industries. What top companies selected the green brand color? Whole Foods Market, Starbucks, Girl Scouts and John Deere.

Blue comes off as professional, powerful, clean and dependable. This color is best for businesses in the government, health care, high-tech, dental and legal fields. What companies use blue to market their brands? Dell, Walmart, Facebook and American Express.

Yellow shows clarity and warmth and is highly used by restaurants, delivery service providers and retailers, such as McDonald’s, Subway, Best Buy, Hertz and Ikea.

Orange demonstrates cheerfulness and confidence and is used by companies in a wide range of industries. A few companies that chose orange as their brand color include us, Payless ShoeSource, Hooters, Harley-Davidson and Shutterfly.

Why did we choose orange? Marketing professionals and copywriters need to be cheerful, yet professional and confident. No one wants to work with a “Debbie Downer” on marketing materials so we chose a brand color that represents how we want clients and prospects to see us.

Get more information from this cool infographic on the power of color in marketing materials.

What’s the Word: If a picture is worth a thousand words, than a full-color picture is probably worth millions of words. Color attracts attention and influences buyers to either embrace or reject your brand.

What are your brand’s true colors?

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