Copywriting Retainers for Tiny Empires

Make More Money with a Monthly Retainer

Although I’m always available to assist with on-off writing projects, many of my “tiny empire” clients (earning $100k+ a year) looking for regular help prefer working with me on a monthly copywriting retainer. This way they take advantage of significant cost savings!

How does it work?

You hire me to write a specific number of pieces of content on a monthly basis. You get the benefit of regular, sustained work on your marketing content. Also, because I charge clients on a retainer much less than I do for one-off projects, this option is great for your bottom line, too.

Before starting your project, we iron out a communications plan for your business. During this collaboration, we’ll develop a blueprint to follow, outlining a monthly list of goals to accomplish. This way, I can easily prioritize projects and make sure you’re getting excellent results.

I require an initial commitment of 3 months for new copywriting retainer clients.

Why a retainer?

  • Lower Costs: If you have a ton of copy that needs writing, working with me on a retainer allows you to pay a significantly lower rate and spread costs over a longer period, helping you with cash flow and budgeting.
  • Assess and Improve Results: You can trust me to deliver great results because we will collaborate to track and measure your campaign goals and results. If something isn’t working, we change it.
  • Strategy Planning: Part of the engagement includes looking at your big-picture objectives, and how we can efficiently work toward achieving them. Working with me on a regular basis frees up time for you to focus on other areas of your business.

Who will manage project details?

As your contract copywriter/business writer, my role is to manage your monthly content needs. I keep projects moving according to the communications plan, leaving you free to do what you do best. Part of this service includes following up and sending project reminders and progress reports.

I require content approval promptly to ensure we meet your launch/publishing deadlines. Please know that I’m no track star, so if I have to spend all my time chasing you, I’ll certainly be exhausted and out of breath.

Bottom line: I’ll do my part to deliver great content promptly. In return, I’ll need you to respond to my inquiries promptly so we can keep moving forward and cross the finish line together.

What does the monthly fee cover?

The monthly fee covers the time I spend writing for you, meeting with you, researching, answering emails and phone calls, assessing campaigns and updating progress reports.

Just a note that I do not charge hourly. I’ve found that charging by the hour is not beneficial for my clients. I achieve epic results and progress for all clients, and that simply cannot happen by selling “hours.”

Project rates are far better for my clients. As a monthly retainer client, you get the added benefit of receiving a significantly lower rate over what I charge for one-off projects.

EXACTLY what you’ve been looking for? Let’s get started!

Fantastic! I’d love to flood your business with spine-tingling sentences that propel people to whip out their credit cards and smack the buy button.

You can hire me on a monthly retainer for copywriting and business writing services for:

  • $6000 a month for 10 pieces of content
  • $2000 a month for 3 pieces of content
  • $4000 a month for 6 pieces of content

Pieces of content can include:

  • Articles
  • Blog posts (on your website)
  • Email campaigns (2 emails = “one piece of content”)
  • Facebook ads
  • Landing pages
  • Press releases
  • Sales pages (long-form pages are not covered under retainer agreements)
  • Service descriptions
  • Speaker bios
  • Website copy

I’m happy to create a custom retainer package based on your needs, provided you retain me for a minimum of 3 months. All retainer projects require a one-month upfront investment.

I base prices on up to 750 words per piece of content. Note that word counts can be combined to cover larger projects such as sales pages, and you can “roll over” one month’s worth of content. Some projects will command a higher price outside the scope of your monthly retainer. You will be notified in advance if this occurs.

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