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semonna2"I spend countless hours creating autoresponders for other business owners but when it came to creating my own...I was literally at a loss for words. I wasn't sure what to write, what to promote and I was incredibly frustrated.


Apryl's Quickies not only provided me with done-for-you copy (which is great for anyone who hates writing), but it also provided me with the strategy I needed to think through and flush out my own sales funnels. Now, I offer discovery sessions and sell my services to my email list with ease. Thanks for giving me back my time and sanity, Apryl."

- Semonna McNeil, Digital Marketing Strategist, New Client Magnet

Copywriting Quickies 1.0

5-Part Email Sequence Proven to Wake Up a Dead, Unresponsive Email List of Subscribers

Struggling with getting your “loyal” followers to open, read or click your emails? Wake up your unresponsive list of “zombies” with this confident, personality-infused, irresistible 4-part email series tried and tested to shock grandmas, gurus and even hard-core, can-never-be-persuaded-to-do-anything “gangstas” into immediate action.

Here’s a peak at what you get behind the curtain:

  • A virtually failproof outline of when and why to send each email so you get higher open rates, more clicks and more eyeballs on your glorious products and services
  • My secret email templates that work like magic in moving subscribers from uninterested to brimming with excitement whenever they see your name in their inbox
  • Example emails you can copy, tweak and send to shock your own flat-line, unresponsive list into action
  • Analysis of what goes on in a buyer’s head after receiving each email in the series

Copywriting Quickies 2.0

A Bangin’ Series of Mega Successful Autoresponder Product Launch Emails Virtually Guaranteed to Boost Sales By Up to 80%

Get access to a bangin’ series of emails proven to glue eyeballs to the page and boost sales by up to 85%. With these emails, you can persuade the RIGHT people to do all sorts of dirty things to you – like whip out their credit cards and smack the “buy” button. Here’s a tease at some of the secrets revealed inside:

  • How taking the one-size-fits all approach to email marketing is murdering your ability to close sales.
  • The "no-brainer," 4-step method for launching virtually any product or service with emails (no blogs, videos, social media or crazy hype needed)
  • The Hollywood blockbuster secret to writing emails that persuade people to invest in your products and services
  • A swipe file of 8 emails (analyzed and explained) that can put money in your hot little hands right away

Copywriting Quickies 3.0

7 Swipe-Worthy Emails Virtually Guaranteed to Close Up to 85% More Sales, Persuade 90% More Clients to Give Raving Reviews, Collect on Nearly 100% of Past Due Client Payments

Tired of chasing clients down for payments? Begging for testimonials with no success? Taking on more work than you can handle because you don’t know how to say “no”?

Get access to 7 swipe-worthy emails that brilliantly handle these tricky situations and more.

Here’s a whiff at what you get inside:

  • The absolute best email for declining projects with class so you never burn bridges or kill future opportunities
  • The almost unknown way to get loyal followers to fill out your surveys, so you gain the market intel you need to sell the perfect product
  • A little-known psychology secret applied to solicit raving client testimonials (no "on-bended knee" begging necessary)
  • The exact same emails used to collect on 100% of past due client payments (no violent threats or stalking required) 🙂
  • A "shameful" writing secret that (when used) can almost guarantee you'll book more discovery calls
  • A special way of writing (you can start doing it right away) that is nearly failproof at getting clients to answer your request for testimonials
  • The exact words I use (and have used dozens of times) for closing more sales using nothing but email
  • How to collect severely past due payments like a classy gangsta with this one "pay or die" email

Love Notes Never Lie


Sounds Pretty Good ... But What's the Catch?

Fair question. What do I get out of this, really?

I’m a straight-to-the-point kind of girl. And yes, I would like to make a bit of money.

Now, you could always spend 5 to 6 hours writing emails, which will cost you $600.00 per day, depending on how you value your time. There’s also the option to hire a freelancer to write the emails for you which will run you at least $1,500.00.

Or there’s also the chance you could stumble upon a few decent templates on Google. I have no doubt that you could, but why waste anymore time hoping for the perfect email?

And really, does it matter if I make a bit of money? If it means you save yourself a ton of money, time and frustration for a fast-tracked way to get folks reading and reacting to your emails, who cares?

And don't worry.

As you see, you won't pay anywhere near $600.00 or $1,500.00 for this.

When You Sign Up Today You'll Also Get FREE ...

  • Lifetime Access

    Instant access to downloadable documents so you can use and abuse these super awesome email templates whenever you want.

  • On-Demand Accountability

    Access to an exclusive, online group of business coaches, marketing and media gurus, copywriters and a whole gang of folks on standby to pass out kind words and loving support (aka “kicks in the butt”).

  • Lifetime Support

    Exclusive access to the online Word Boss Community where you’ll get all your burning questions answered. Here, you can also exchange wisdom with your brilliant community members (including a digital marketing strategist, a reality TV coach, an award-winning storyteller and many others).

    Together, we’ll style your words so you get more sales, more clicks and more clients.

Who's Behind All This "Words That Sell" Brouhaha?

Hey there! "Words That Sell" is all about using words that promote your services harder than you ever can -- because they sell while you're asleep!

By the way, I'm a word stylist, RFP/proposal magician and communications strategist. I've been known to turn "dull" emails, sales proposals, marketing content and pages of website copy into toe-curling sentences, spine-tingling sentences strung together in a way that gets even skeptics and non-believers drinking your Kool-Aid.

By the way, I don’t just sling seductive sentences as a hobby. I’ve got 15 years of marketing communications and copywriting experience and a couple of degrees to boot.


Apryl Beverly, MBA

I'm not one to brag, but I’ve had some pretty badass results:

  • Made $20,000 from an itty, bitty list of about 1,000 loyal followers in less that 6 months.
  • Smashed the six-figure-earner ceiling my second full year in business.
  • Have written for 200+ clients including CEOs and marketing execs at multi-billion dollar companies to new entrepreneurs building their small empires.
  • Wrote countless sales proposals collectively resulting in my clients raking in millions in revenue.

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