Are You a Delusional Dreamer or a Reasonable Realist?

Today, I want to talk about a “Reasonable Realist” who sets achievable goals versus a “Delusional Dreamer” who never reaches their goals.

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But before I get into that, how was your week? I’ve had better – my two-year-old Dell computer died on me yesterday … right in the middle of a big business plan project. But guess what? That didn’t stop me (I did fuss for about an hour :)). But after I got “out of my feelings,” I marched up to Best Buy and am typing this blog on my shiny new Toshiba laptop. Amen!

Well, enough about me and my week … let’s chat about helping you reach your ideal clients.

Now, I’m all about dreaming big – reaching for the stars and all that jazz. But, at some point, you’ve got to drop the Delusional Dreamer hat and become a Reasonable Realist about your place in this big ole’ world. I’d never tell you to stop dreaming because dreams are what make us individually great, but when you’re setting goals, you’ve got to be real with the person who matters most – YOU.

My truth …

For 15 years, I enjoyed a pretty successful career in marketing and business writing, yet I felt unfilled because it wasn’t my dream to be a life-long corporate marketing executive. Instead, I wanted to work on my own terms and help brilliant entrepreneurs just like you feel confident and in control of your businesses by finding the right words to attract the right people.

Being a dreamer pushed me to quit my job and step out on faith. Being a Reasonable Realist is how I have been able to grow both personally and professionally.

Take a look at this revenue growth for BAAB Writing and Marketing Services over the past few years:

revenue growth, delusional dreamer

Business is doing pretty well, I must say. But take a closer look at 2011. I had nearly NO revenue for BAAB Writing and Marketing Services. Then in 2012, things started climbing and in 2013, I’m rolling.

What’s the BIG lesson here?

I couldn’t reach the results of 2012 and 2013 without first starting from the bottom in 2011. And that’s why it’ so important to set realistic goals.

Bite-Size Successes

I call realistic goals “bite-size successes” because they’re small enough to achieve and big enough to be rewarding. They’re also good for keeping you motivated and focused. And the best part is: once you accomplish one, you can immediately move on to the next, and the next … until you’ve reached that “dreamy” place.
Here’s my bite-size goals for 2014:
  • Launch an online “B-Plan Writing Course” to help entrepreneurs start and COMPLETE their business plans.
  • Develop and promote a step-by-step guide on “Sales Copywriting for Small Businesses” to help entrepreneurs sell the benefits of their products/services.
  • Update my website with better offers and an informative, fun video to help small businesses learn how to put their “specialness” in writing.

Your Turn

Whether you’re looking to do something you love, trying to build a business or grow your customer base, it’s important that you back every dream with realistic business goals.Where’s your dreamy place? That one place that makes you feel like you’re sitting in the picture above. 

Think about where you are today and where you want to be.Jot down three bite-size successes for 2014 (these should tie in with the Marketing Skeleton you completed last week). Once you have your list, add in notes on when you plan to reach each goal (remember to be realistic).

Here’s what my list looks like:

  • Develop and promote a step-by-step guide on “Sales Copywriting for Small Businesses” to help entrepreneurs sell the benefits of their products/services. Publish by mid-February.
  • Launch an online “B-Plan Writing Course” to help entrepreneurs start and COMPLETE their business plans. Offer the first online course in mid-March.
  • Update my website with better offers and an introductory video. Complete all updates for 2014 by the second week of March.

Dreaming is wonderful. And identifying bite-size successes will help make your dreams come true.

P.S. If you haven’t started your Marketing Skeleton yet, hop on over and download your copy and get going. Next week, we’ll start the Marketing Blitz Series and share actionable tips on how to cut through the clutter and get your business noticed by your dream clients.

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