How to Follow Up After Networking Events (4 Super-Helpful Email Scripts Included)

Participating in a highly publicized trade show can run you few hundred bucks, but following up after networking events is priceless.

Choose the right words and it’ll be money in the bank. Say the wrong thing and you’ll spend weeks kicking yourself in the butt.

I try to get out and attend conferences when I can. But as a small business owner, time is money, so if you’re going, you must make the most of your time. Coming home with a briefcase full of business cards and brochures is great, but who really needs more paper?

What you really want as a business owner is …

You guessed it … more contacts!

So what happens when the handshakes are over, the stories have been told and all you have left is a stack of business cards? It’s time to shine just as bright in the follow-up message as you did in person.

If you’re already thinking about how to send a follow-up email that will make a good impression, then you’re on the right track. For those of you who have tucked away those business cards – pull them out and get on board.

Find the Right Words for Your Follow-Up Email

It’s important to nurture those brief moments you spent connecting with networking contacts. In the first follow-up email, be sure to:

  • Reference the event and the conversation
  • Mention something specific, especially of mutual interest, that was discussed
  • Suggest a way to keep the conversation going
  • Include a link or attach an article/blog of interest to the other person
  • Close the message with next steps

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Here are a few written samples to help you follow up after networking events and make memorable connections.

Dear Derek,

I enjoyed meeting you yesterday at the 2014 Northeast Ohio Entrepreneur Expo. Inspired by our conversation about social media marketing, I have attached an article on how B2B companies can benefit from social media.

I would enjoy having coffee or lunch with you next week to learn more about your widgets business and share information about our company.

I will call or email you by the end of this week to ask you about scheduling a meeting.


Charles Smith


Hi Samantha,

It was great to meet you at the 2014 Northeast Ohio Entrepreneur Expo yesterday. I am still laughing at your joke about the triplets named, “Winter, “Autumn” and “Summer.”

You said you were looking for freelance writers in the Cleveland area. I would love to continue our conversation about the possibility of working together. Since you will be traveling next week, would you like to schedule a discussion next week?

I look forward to speaking with you again soon. Please let me know a day and time that fits your schedule.

Best wishes,

Autumn Thomas


Dear Todd,

It was a pleasure speaking with you at the 2014 Northeast Ohio Entrepreneur Expo earlier this week. I appreciate you taking the time to share information about your company.

I am very impressed by the work your company is doing, and I would enjoy hearing more about how my firm can help you reach your goals. As promised, I have attached additional information about the services I feel would best suit your needs.

I will call or email you next week to inquire about scheduling a meeting.


Tracy White


Dear Sally,

Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me during the 2014 Northeast Ohio Entrepreneur Expo. I enjoyed hearing more about your organization as well as your love for designer purses. I have attached a link where you can sign up to receive discounts from our favorite store.

I would appreciate learning more about how your company handles its digital marketing. Would you be willing to meet for coffee or lunch? I will call you later this week to ask about your schedule.

It was a pleasure to meet you.


Jackie Hill

Timing Is Everything

When you send your follow-up email is just as important as what you write in the message. Be sure to send your note no more than a week after the networking event.

As business people, we have a lot going on and while I’m sure you’re absolutely amazing, it’s quite easy for us to forget a conversation. Following up within a week will help to ensure the meeting and conversation is still fresh for the other person.