Struggling to Keep Up With Your Blog Posting?

Can’t seem to keep up with your blog posting? Consistency and quality content are critical for blog success. So if you’re not blogging enough, you won’t see much benefit from your efforts.

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How Often Should I Post Blogs?

So, how often should you post blogs?

HubSpot, a popular all-in-one marketing software provider, surveyed businesses and found that 100 percent of companies that blog multiple times per day generated a customer from their blog compared to 90 percent of respondents who blog daily and 69 percent who only blog two to three times a week.

Now does this mean you need to kill yourself to blog multiple times per day? No. Post to your blog as often as you can. Can’t do multiple posts each day? Shoot for five days a week. Can’t blog five days? Go for three. Still too much? Shoot for at least twice a week.

If you find yourself writing and posting blogs less than weekly, try hiring a professional freelance writer to keep your blogging more consistent.

What’s the Word: When it comes to blogging, it’s best to publish as often as you can come up with quality, compelling content for your readers.

How often do you post to your blog?

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