How “Pretty Woman” Can Boost Your Copywriting Response

If you’ve been researching “copywriting,” you’ve come across the phrase “sales conversation in writing.” Meaning copywriting is nothing more than selling in writing – in TV ads, radio broadcasts, and in your website copy, emails and sales pages.

But that’s copywriting in its most basic form.

And that’s where most business owners stop.

They sell with their experience and degrees, “look at me” phrases and “buy this right now” statements.

And while some of that is certainly “copywriting,” you need to take it a step further when selling in writing.

That additional step is creating the fantasy.

We’re all a bunch of  ‘dreamers’

Us humans …

We like to dream and fantasize about things we want to have like … a sexy body … popularity … celebrity status and tons of cash … and beating our competitors in the “rat race” of business.

And if you want to add a new layer of selling power to your website, sales pages and emails, simply discover what your people fantasize about, find out how your service fits into that fantasy … and then work it into your writing.

Selling the fantasy

For example:

I recently wrote website copy selling photography services that’s just one big fantasy where you, the reader, looks spectacular and gorgeous in photos.

In one scenario, the “camera loves you” and you hear the photographer call you the next Tyra Banks.

In another scenario, even though you’ve struggled with acne in the past, your face glows and is as smooth as a baby’s bottom.

In another scenario, you land acting gigs and modeling jobs because your photos make you look absolutely stunning and irresistible.

And so on and so forth.

And throughout this “fantasy,” you become someone who cheerleaders and popular girls don’t ridicule anymore. Someone who commands complete respect from everyone around you. Someone who starts to automatically land acting gigs, modeling jobs, etc.

Of course, this may sound lame to you.

Maybe even geeky.

But those who have struggled with feeling confident and attractive can’t get enough of it.

How “Pretty Woman” can boost your copywriting response

It’s like starring in that classic movie “Pretty Woman.” But instead of Julia Roberts, the camera’s catching your sexiest poses and you walk away with hot Richard Gere at the end.

You know the stuff of which fantasies are born.

Anyway, the idea is to take your reader’s fantasies and magnify them … fill in a few gaps (warning: make sure your ideas match up with what they really want) – and then show them how your service can make that fantasy real.

And guess what?

I think you’ll find that when you unite your service (no matter how “ordinary”) with your reader’s most intimate fantasies like this … you are almost guaranteed to make a big difference in your bottom line.

This is what I teach in The CopyCloset.

And it works like crazy.

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