How to Barter Your Way to a Responsive Email List of Loyal Followers

If you want to build a responsive email list of loyal followers fast (like in the next 30 days) and don’t have a ton of money, this strategy can help you grow your list.

Here’s the story:

When I first starting selling info products a couple of years ago, I was struggling to build my email list. I was cranking out blogs every week. I was writing ezine articles. I was creating opt-ins, running Facebook ads here and there.

All of those things gave my list a bite-size nudge.

But they didn’t deliver the “whopper” boost I wanted.

Then one day, I decided to try something else. Something that was forehead-slap obvious. Yet, I hardly knew anyone who was doing it. And what I did was “gift” a mini-training on copywriting to a branding specialist I knew (who had a big list) in exchange for plugging my services to his list and mastermind group.

Is it working?

Oh yeah!

In fact, it only took a couple of hours to put together the training, and every time he plugs my site, a new batch of leads come in like clockwork. And now, my list is up and running with dozens of fresh new responsive followers.

Total cost?

A couple of hours of my time doing something I love.

And you can do the exact same thing.

You likely have a talent other list owners want. It could be writing … web design … social media … video editing … branding … or just about anything a list owner could use. And if you simply find these list owners (of mega and small lists – remember responsiveness is critical; not list size), you can put your talents to good use to build your list by “gifting” what you do best in exchange for endorsing your website.

Starting out it may be tough getting folks to get on board with you’re offering.

But don’t get discouraged. Believe me, they’ll want to do it.

It makes them look great to their list.

Folks are doing this all the time to build responsive lists.

And you can, too.

All you have to do is think about who to connect with and follow the information in this article.