How to Respond When You’re Asked About Price

One of the most effective ways to approach the pricing question is with the assumption the prospect on the phone with you will – right out the gate – be shaking her head and saying to herself, “this chick is a lunatic if she thinks I’m paying that!” when you reveal your price.

In other words, with every benefit you toss out there, just assume she will object to the price.

She might want to just pay what you’re asking and get started with the project (if you’ve targeted your market right and have copy that sings the value of your offering).

But chances are she’ll have sticker shock.

And yet, there’s a special way of selling to skeptics like this that prevents them from running for the hills when you reveal your price.

What is it?

Simply think of your prospecting call as a sandwich.

Here’s what I mean:

Your “meat” is the price.

The two pieces of “bread” are both some form of credibility element (such as your experience, testimonials, endorsements from a respected professional, etc.)

And to make your price “objection proof,” every time you reveal it, simply add a credibility element – even if it’s just a few words – that backs up the price both before and after the price.

What to Say When You’re Asked About Rates

So your conversation could go like this:

Her: “Alright, so how much is it?”

You: “Before we talk price, let me say this. If you’re looking for a cheap [business plan, website design, etc.), then I’m not right for you. My clients make millions off my [business plans, website designs, etc.] and results like those require a high level of quality, which is what I deliver.”

Her: “Okay …” (Thinking to herself, this is going to expensive.)

You: “With that being said, for this service, you’re looking at $XX. That rate includes XYZ. With XYZ in hand, I can almost guarantee you’ll get the results you want, as long as you market/present it right.”

Now, if you’re talking to the right person (someone who can afford your services), then she will undoubtedly whip out her credit at that very moment.