How to Write a Knock-Out Business Description (Business Plan)

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With that being said, let’s get into today’s topic: “How to Write a Knock-Out Business Description.”

Every business plan needs a business description. The hard part is writing an unforgettable description that will engage your readers.

The first step in writing a knock-out company description is asking yourself, “What am I truly selling?” For example, Colgate sells toothpaste, right? Not quite, my friend. Colgate actually sells a beautiful smile and nice, bright teeth.

Toothpaste is the product and the beautiful smile and nice, bright teeth is the benefit. The benefit of your product or service from the customer’s perspective is what you need to focus on in your Business Description.

Describing Your Business

Writing the Business Description for your business plan is essentially a two-step process:

  • Step #1: Start with the facts about your business
  • Step #2: Put some shine on your description by writing about your “specialness”

Step #1: Share the Facts

This section of your plan should include:

  • Your date of formation
  • Legal structure (LLC, C-Corp., etc.)
  • Business stage (startup, purchase of an existing business, etc.)
  • Your mission/vision
  • A brief summary of your products/services
  • Your business type (manufacturer, hair salon, transportation services provider, etc.)
  • Brief bios (about a paragraph or two) highlighting your skills and background a well as those of your team
  • Organizational structure (if you have employees and partners)

Step #2: Give It Some Flare

Once you’ve taken care of the facts, you’ve got to put the “shine” on your description. To do this, be sure to describe the unique aspects of your business and how or why your business will appeal to consumers. Emphasize your specialness – features you feel will attract customers and explain why you’re so darn appealing.

Your Homework

Use the advice above to write your Business Description. Remember your Business Description should include not only the facts about your business, but also effectively communicate your company’s appeal. It’s important that you make it your own. No two business descriptions should ever be the same because every business is unique in its own way. You’ve got to dig deep to find your specialness and write about it.

Be sure to describe the benefits of your business from your customers’ perspective. Successful business owners know or at least have an idea of what their customers want or expect from their product or service. Use this knowledge to share information about how you will beat the competition and stay competitive.

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