7 Proven Tips to Write an About Us Page that Sells

Is your About Us page too much about you? We previously talked about how to write web copy that engages and educates your audience. This week, we’re going to take the conversation a step further by dissecting one of your most important website pages – the About Us page.

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Your About Us Page Isn’t Really All About You

For most small business owners, the About Us page serves as the heart of the website and helps to establish credibility. Well that’s what it should do.

Check Google Analytics or other website stats, lately? Your About Us page should be one of your most visited and highest ranked pages. If it’s not, your website content may not be your top salesperson.

Writing about your skills and talents can be difficult. You don’t want to sound too boastful. However, you need to sound confident. You want clients and prospects to know that you have a special skill worth purchasing.

Potential customers who click your About Us page are interested; you just need to reassure them you are the best choice. These seven tips will help you write an About Us page that sells.

1. Give customers what they want
People visit your About Us page to find out more about your company. Let people know you own a real business that sells real products and services. Also, think about the questions you’re asked in sales calls? What information tends to help you overcome objections and seal the deal? Put this information on your About Us page.

2. Stick to the facts
We know your business is outstanding, industry-leading, world-class, etc. But says who? If you can validate these statements, add them to your page. However, if they’re merely superlatives, leave them out. When you get actual facts and figures, update your page.

3. Be yourself
Smaller businesses tend to want to add more “fluff” to their About Us pages. Trying to make your company appear larger than it is or have more experience can create awkward conversations when you’re asked to provide references. So just be honest. If you’re a start-up with little experience, play up your focus on personal service and shorter lead times.

4. Briefly mention qualifications
While the About Us page is about you, it shouldn’t be a “look at me” session. If you’ve earned awards, go ahead and mention them. But just choose to highlight a few that resonate most with potential customers. Remember, you want to focus on the customer by sharing the benefits of your products and services.

5. Ditch the stock photos
People like to buy from other people. Adding photos of yourself or staff members can help to personalize your About Us page. But don’t substitute real photos for stock photos.

6. Seek help
Ask a friend, colleague, etc. to read your About Us page before you publish it. This individual should be able to tell exactly what you do from reading your copy. Can the reader quickly answer who, what, when, where and why? If not, then you need to rework your draft website copy.

7. Review and revise regularly
Last week, I advised readers to never think of website copy as a completed project. You should regularly review and revise your web content as your business grows and changes. Try setting a monthly reminder to review your About Us page and make improvements.

What’s the Word: the About Us page shouldn’t be all about you. Instead, it should focus on the benefits your products and services offer to potential clients. Objective information is easier to write and packs a more powerful punch than “salesy” and self-congratulatory content.

How would you rate your About Us page?

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