Identify Your Swag Lovers: The Secret to Getting More Business Part 2

black fridayHappy Friday! I know many of you are still standing in line with your cart full of Black Friday deals. So this is going to be a good entertaining read to keep your mind off of the crazy otherwise known as Black Friday shopping.

Last week, we talked about identifying and owning your swag. How’d you do with your swag list? I hope you got a good list together because we’re continuing the “Swag Series” with swag appreciation. We’d love to hear what you came up with – go ahead and click here to share your list in the comments (I’ll respond and let you know if you’re on the right track).

Yes, my friends, it’s one thing to have swag, but to find real swag success, you’ve got to have a group of people who appreciate your swag (it’s good to throw in a few swag haters for a bit of variety, too).

Identify Your Swag Lovers

Swag lovers are those folks who feel you and appreciate your special something. They visit your website, they read your blog, they subscribe to your email list – they want to hear from you.

Don’t have a website, blog or email list? Heck, don’t even have a customer yet? No worries, because even if you don’t have any of these things in place yet, swag lovers are those people who you SUSPECT will want to hear from you and buy your stuff. This hunch is based on the extensive market research you did when writing your business plan.

Marketers will refer to this group as your “Target Audience.”

So here’s three simple steps to identifying your swag lovers (HINT: we took care of step 1 last week):

  1. Identify your swag – what makes you unique.
  2. Identify who you WANT to sell to (this may change as your business matures and you see who actually BUYS from you)
  3. What’s the benefit for folks to choose your products/services? (What features do you offer that people really want and need?)

Focus My Friend

Many entrepreneurs (including me) make the mistake of trying to be everything to everybody and end up being nothing to nobody. Case in point: when I started my business, I said “every business needs writing help” so I set out to help “ERR-BODY” write amazing marketing messages. But what I ended up with was a bunch of confused people asking me “what exactly do you do again?”

I say this to help you avoid making my mistake by zeroing in on your true swag lovers. Sure you can have a few different types of people who choose you in the end, but your message must focus on your PRIMARY group of swag lovers.

Your Turn!

Ready to identify your swag lovers? You’ll want to pull as many details about the target demographic (now that’s a two-dollar word) as possible. Be specific – this is no time to think broad.  Be sure to consider:

  • Age — Do your swag lovers fit into a specific age group? Are they mostly middle-aged or younger folks? This is important for your marketing plan because, for example, if your group is older, you may not want to rely solely on grandma blasting tweets to her friends about you.
  • Gender — Is your product/service all about men or women? They react completely different to advertising, so it’s important that you know if your swag lovers are mostly one or the other.
  • Income — Some people simply have more money to burn, so if you’re offering a luxury service (like manicures, hair care, etc.), the amount of disposable income your swag lovers have is very important.
  • Location — The world is pretty big and people in various parts of the world and even the United States have different buying patterns. For example, would you have much need for a snow blower if you lived in San Diego, Calif. versus Cleveland, Ohio? Where your swag lovers live and the communities where they reside influence their buying preferences.

You may also want to look at household structure (kids/no kids), married/not married, ethnic groups, special hobbies/interests or occupation/industry.

Did you find this helpful? If you want some extra help, send me an email and we’ll identify your swag lovers together.

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