Digital Marketing Is the Reason Your Audience Ignores You

The Internet is the place to grow your business according to digital marketing gurus around the world. And yes, we agree … and so do your competitors. But if everyone’s on the Internet, how do you get noticed?

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With all the talk in the business world today about digital marketing – social media, websites, blogs, Google rankings and so on, it can be easy to overlook a classic method of marketing – printed media.

Though not exactly in the limelight of the marketing world, distributing printed marketing materials is still an extremely effective way to reach your audience.

Make the Connection

The speed, specificity and relative price advantage of a paperless ad campaign makes it very attractive. However, printed media still provides a necessary comfort to consumers, and it also helps to connect your target consumer to the physical world.

Being a touchable object definitely helps bring printed media your audience’s attention, especially over the intangible Internet. It gives the consumer a sort of token that, in the case of coupons or offers requiring said printed form, gives them a physical connection to your actual place of business.

Break through the Noise

Furthermore, it helps to grab the reader’s attention. One of the downsides of using the Internet as a marketing tool is that people have become extremely desensitized to information. We’ve grown to skim through the Internet, searching for a particular thing, and sifting out anything that doesn’t relate to it, especially advertisements.

And with our attention changing between venues of media so quickly (just look at the average time people spend on a webpage), you need something to break through the noise.

Grab Attention

However, a printed piece of media has a special legitimacy about it and asks, better yet, grabs the attention of your audience. This sense of legitimacy can be heightened by getting your printed marketing materials in the hands of the right people. Targeted print media will establish a form of trust in conjunction with this legitimacy.

What’s the word: The Internet is an amazing marketing tool, but it can’t be your ONLY marketing tool. Printed media gives your business that personal touch, that’s just not available online. Printed marketing materials can also break through the clutter when so many of your competitors are focusing on email campaigns and other forms of digital marketing. 

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