Is Poor Grammar Stopping Your Readers from Enjoying Your Blog Content?

Poor grammar can bring your content marketing efforts to a screeching halt and prevent readers from truly enjoying your message.

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Poor grammar has no place in your marketing content. While the Microsoft Word spelling tool is useful, we simply can’t trust it to spot all of our content errors. Perhaps we just don’t have some innate, Shakespearean command of the language. Perhaps we’re simply buffoons. Whatever the case, few things can sink otherwise great content like poor grammar.

If your 5th grade English teacher can’t take your writing seriously, you can’t expect potential customers or clients to be all that impressed either. Thankfully, for those in need of a more professional sheen on their work, there are a number of fine online grammar help tools that can hammer even the crudest scrawling into a worthwhile read.

We’ll explore two of them here.

Online Grammar Check

This online grammar tool wins points for having the most succinct domain name, and gets extra credit for being a free service. This particular online grammar check tool — to be perfectly redundant — checks grammar and offers the ubiquitous, obligatory spell check feature as well.

But it’s the bonus features that make this site worth clicking around on for more than a minute. Has it been some times since you’ve had to conjugate transitive verbs?

This site features a conjugation tool that can take you from ignoramus to erudite. And for those with untold hours to spend in search of grammatical supremacy, games of hangman and crossword are sure to hone your chops. Lose yourself in a syntactical wonderland!


poor grammar, content marketing, poor grammar examples

For those writers who can do without the frills, this online tool is just for you. Simply copy and paste your text into the box, and the site will delight your eyes with glowing red spelling errors and common grammatical missteps highlighted in yellow.

If phrases like “we had went there” or “it was more better” have failed to ingratiate you to the intelligentsia, this service might be just what you want. And there’s no need to worry about wasting too much time here; in addition to its strictly utilitarian tone, the glaring banner ads that support this free site will chase you out of there as soon as your job is done.

Whether you like your grammar help tools extravagant or streamlined, the online grammar check services detailed above are sure to suit your needs. A simple Google search might turn up another more to your liking; such sites might either charge you for something others are simply giving away, or may be entirely unreliable (one professes to correct grammar “erros,” which could be a misspelling of either of two words).

What’s the Word: Online grammar tools can make a critical difference in how your content is received.  A few rare readers might take pity on a dullard writer, but far more would rather we content producers speak the language.


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