Money-Snatching “Guru”​ Tales

Any of these online marketing “guru” tales sound familiar? 

They get you to enroll in a 20-week course, watch 3,000 hours of videos to learn exactly how they made their riches and are now able to stretch out on the beach sipping margaritas every day.

They tell you that you’re suffering from “money blocks” and if you’d only stop pushing money away, you could make that gazillion dollars this year.

And you believe them because you did drop $20 in the street the other day which signifies you repelling money. Plus, sitting on a beach sipping margaritas and making a gazillion dollars falls right in line with what you put on your vision board for this year.

Now, here’s what they never tell you:

The skills and talents they use to make a gazillion dollars ain’t necessarily your strengths. I know we live in a world where everybody thinks they can teach you anything. And while that may be true, everybody does not have the capacity to learn everything.

Take me for example …

I’m a 5’3″ woman with short arms and stubby legs. Now, let’s say I come across an online basketball clinic sponsored by LeBron James who says he’ll teach all participants everything he knows so they can get into the NBA.

I enroll thinking I have as good a chance as anybody else, right?


Let me break this down for you:

People are going to TRY to sell you any and everything. So, before you go and drop your hard-earned money on get-rich-quick dreams, it’s up to you to separate the land of unicorns and fairy dust from reality.

Now, if you’ve been hustling hard and going nowhere, all’s not doom and gloom. You see, I said to make sure you have the capacity to achieve the dream, not give up all together. There’s a difference.

Can you learn how to take shots to the hole exactly like LeBron James in an online basketball clinic? Probably not.

Can you learn how to become a millionaire in 6 weeks without lifting a finger? Possibly.

Can you learn some writing secrets to get more people to smack the buy button on your offers? ABSO-FRIGGIN-LUTELY!

With a little work, a bit of finger stretching and keyboard tapping, you too can write money-making messages whenever you want.