October Is National Women in Business Month

Celebrate National Women in Business Month with us by sharing your wisdom in our upcoming article.

National Women in Business Month, women business owners
Celebrate National Women in Business Month

Happy Women in Small Business Month! We’re celebrating this month with an amazing article packed with success tips from you … women who are doing great things and “working it” in small business.

According to a recent study by American Express, even with more than 8.6 million women business owners in the United States, we still continue to trail our male counterparts. In addition, most women business owners earn less than $100,000 in gross revenue. But stats are just that, stats. You can’t let them define your success.

As women business owners, we juggle being a wife, mother, business owner, therapist, etc. – I’m tired just talking about it. The heavy load most of carry is exactly why it’s so important that we offer assistance to other women in business. And words of wisdom on how we overcame certain obstacles is oftentimes the help most of us need.

Share Your Wisdom

What advice would you give to women business owners? Please answer the question in three sentences or less and provide your full name, title, name of your business and contact info (email, Twitter handle, Facebook page address or Google+).

Send your words of wisdom to [email protected] Thanks for taking the time to help other women business owners reach greatness!

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