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Feel free to browse around. Swipe my tried and tested writing secrets. Steal my strategies. Borrow my brain.

All so you can flood your website, emails and blog posts with words that propel people to whip out their credit cards and smack the “buy” button.

Copywriting Quickies: Your Days of Struggling to Write Your Way into Profit Are Over

Investment: $50

Get swipe-worthy email templates that wake up “dead” subscriber lists, convert loyal followers into buyers and keep buyers excited to spend their cold-hard cash with you.

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Create a Cash-Attracting Business Plan in Minutes

Investment: $97

Feeling frustrated about the time you've spent trying to write your business plan but can't afford the hefty price to hire an expert business plan writer? Well here's your chance to stop wasting time and create a business plan your investors and lenders will absolutely love.

The Fundable Business Plan Kit will help you put your brilliance in writing, without spending thousands of dollars for someone else to write your business plan.

In this kit, you’ll find my proven 8-step formula and pro fill-in-the-blank Microsoft Word template for writing a fundable business plan. PLUS you'll get a fully automated Excel spreadsheet designed and tested to magically calculate your 3-year financial plan and create pro graphs for you to copy/paste right into your plan.

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Put an Irresistible Plan in Your Investor's Hands in Less Than an Hour

Investment: $147

Writing a business plan. Arghhhhh!

Need it super fast for an audit or a presentation? Double arghhhhh!

It's definitely not the most glamorous part of running a business. But when an investor, partner, auditor or lender asks for one ...

You need to fulfill the request ... no questions asked!

Developing your business plan is more than just getting your ideas on paper for potential investors to see. It's a rewarding exploratory process that allows you to weight your options, test your assumptions and even brainstorm brand new opportunities. Heck, it might even propel you to nix some aspects of your business before investing too much time, energy and cash in them.

Yes, writing a business plan is pretty important, but that doesn't mean you have to bust out Word and start your plan from a blank screen. Instead, you can download one of my business plan templates -- all formatted and delivered in a proven structure. The best part is, you can customize every detail of the template to fit your specific needs.

Want to change the color of the template? Change it! Want to rewrite a portion of the plan? Do it! Want to just go in and change it to your company's name and hit send? You can do that too!

Inside you get:

  • A fully editable business plan template written by a business plan writer with over 10 years' experience.
  • A magical, foolproof Excel spreadsheet coded to perfection so you can easily calculate and report on your financials in minutes.
  • A customizable, professional template that you can leave "as is" or modify to with your brand colors, logo and other business elements.
  • A plan template proven to delight investors, partners, auditors and lenders.


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Get Your Home Health Care Business Plan Template Now




Become a HuffPost Blogger in 1 Day

Investment: $19.97

It's no secret. Trying to get your blog posts seen by thousands, let alone millions is extremely difficult. Maybe you have sent in your blog post via the online submission tool on The Huffington Post's website, only to hear a bunch of nothing. Or you wrote several absolutely UH-MAY-ZING blog posts thinking HuffPost editors would come beating down your door to publish your posts on their site. But they didn't even respond.

If you're tired of rejection and ready to get your blog post in front of millions, this online smackdown is perfect for you. Inside you'll find how to pitch your blog post without wasting hours filling out lengthy submission forms that will only leave you in the dark with no response.

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