Business Plan Kit


Don’t Read This Unless You Have a Brilliant Business Idea and You’re Tired of Being Turned Down By Banks, Investors and Micro-Lenders.

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This kit is PERFECT for you if you:

  • Have no idea how to write a business plan, let alone one that will entice lenders, investors and partners to fund your venture.
  • Have prospective investors asking to see your vision in writing (whoa baby, you needed a business plan like yesterday).
  • Have a big vision for running your business, and need help putting all the pieces in one place.
  • Constantly have people asking about your business, but you have no idea how to explain it, so it makes sense.

This kit includes all my best-kept secrets on writing fundable business plans. I’ve written plans for some very successful aspiring and well-established business owners, and I know what it takes to woo investors and lenders.

With my proven formula, you’ll never have investors waiting to see your vision on paper. You’ll always know exactly how to explain your stunning services and products. And I’ll show you how to write a plan you’ll be proud to share (to people outside your family and friends).