Introducing the quick solution to your "late night and weekend headaches" trying to write emails that get provoke prospects and clients into action ...

"Copywriting Quickies 3.0:" 7 Tried and Tested Emails to Handle Awkward Business Situations with Class So You Get Clients and Prospects to Do What You Want

These email templates are virtually guaranteed (if you follow the advice) to close up to 85% more sales, persuade 90% more clients to write raving reviews about your services/products and collect on nearly 100% of past due client payments.

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Listen, if you want prospects to respond positively to your sales proposals, clients to write awesome testimonials and pay their outstanding balances (without you begging and pleading them to do so), then this is the most important message you will ever read.

But before I take you inside these amazing messages you can literally copy, plug into your email, hit send and sit back to watch as they magically get your prospects and clients to do exactly what you want them to do almost right away, here's the story:

My name is Apryl Beverly, and the first thing you should know about me is ... I am not a hard-core, pushy sales expert. I'm not a lawyer who writes email messages most folks need a translator to understand either. In fact, the only thing I consider myself a "certified boss" about is:

Writing in a Way That
Provokes People into Action

And this, my friend, is a pretty handy skill to have when you, for example, want a client to pay that invoice that's been outstanding for 45 days!

Anyway, here's why this is important to you:

I have created a product called "Copywriting Quickies 3.0" that contains the same exact methodology I use to close 85% of my sales via email, get 90% of my clients to write killer testimonials and get 98% of clients to happily pay their past due invoices.

It is priced super low right now.

But don't let the price fool you ... It's definitely NOT for the "Richie Rich" entrepreneurs who could care less if clients actually pay their invoices.

Or those who sell crappy products that aren't worthy of raving reviews.

Frankly, most people should not even invest in it at all. And I'll tell you why in a second.

Here's a whiff of some of the secrets revealed in Quickies 3.0 to help you decide:

  • The absolute best email for declining projects with class so you never burn bridges or kill future opportunities
  • The almost unknown way to get loyal followers to fill out your surveys, so you gain the market intel you need to sell the perfect product
  • A little-known psychology secret applied to solicit raving client testimonials (no "on-bended knee" begging necessary)
  • The exact same emails used to collect on 100% of past due client payments (no violent threats or stalking required) 🙂
  • A "shameful" writing secret that (when used) can almost guarantee you'll book more discovery calls
  • A special way of writing (you can start doing it right away) that is nearly failproof at getting clients to answer your request for testimonials
  • The exact words I use (and have used dozens of times) for closing more sales using nothing but email
  • How to collect severely past due payments like a classy gangsta with this one "pay or die" email

Anyway, here's the deal:

You can get Copywriting Quickies 3.0 for a measly 50 bucks.

It's 7 email templates combined with a ton of writing "tricks" that address the most awkward, trickiest situations you'll ever experience as an entrepreneur.

These emails are so irresistible, they dangerously convince prospects and clients to do exactly what you want them to do.

This is the third installment of Quickies, and I created each of the Quickies to give tiny businesses like you access inside an experienced copywriter's head so you can know exactly how to make more money and propel people to take action.

All this without shelling out at least $1,500.00 for a copywriter to write emails like these for you. Inside the Quickies, you get profitable tips and writing secrets designed to:

Have Your Bank Account Smiling
Like The Kool-Aid Kid

That’s my goal for you. I want you to be able to download the information, and then immediately use the techniques (by taking action that same day) to make back your investment at least 10 times over.

And yes, this is possible. Frankly, if you follow the instructions, sell a valuable product people want, you can get people to take action so you make money-in-the-bank sales easily.

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What a Superstar Marketing Genius Had to Say About Copywriting Quickies ...

semonna2"I spend countless hours creating autoresponders for other business owners but when it came to creating my own...I was literally at a loss for words. I wasn't sure what to write, what to promote and I was incredibly frustrated.


Apryl's Quickies not only provided me with done-for-you copy (which is great for anyone who hates writing), but it also provided me with the strategy I needed to think through and flush out my own sales funnels. Now, I offer discovery sessions and sell my services to my email list with ease. Thanks for giving me back my time and sanity, Apryl."

- Semonna McNeil, Digital Marketing Strategist, New Client Magnet

What Critics Are Saying About My Advanced, Persuasive Writing Secrets ...

P.S. Copywriting Quickies is priced for entrepreneurs on a tiny budget.

But they are not for folks who spend a ton of time planning and never actually implement anything.

Or fence-sitters who think they can snag a secret today and be swimming in a gazillion dollars by next Friday.

If that’s you, don’t waste your time.

I’m sure you can certainly find a program that promises you the moon and stars but never actually delivers ...

But It Ain’t
Copywriting Quickies!

These swipe files and profitable writing tips are for action takers only!

There’s a lot of money to be made when you know how to write in a way that propels people into action.

And people who know the power of persuasive writing are grabbing up bucket loads of it – fast.

Now it’s time to choose if you’re an action taker or a fence sitter.

Click the “Add to Cart” button below and give it a shot.

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