Reach Your Audience through a Targeted Email Marketing Campaign

Blowing money fast on postcard mailers? You’ll reach a wider audience and spend less time and money with a targeted email marketing campaign.

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If you’ve been keeping up with this series of articles, you should have a very good idea of the importance of adding content marketing and digital promotion strategies to your small business marketing plan. In terms of reaching your widest possible audience with minimal effort, the Internet is exactly the avenue you need to take.

Considering the almost negligible amount of capital it requires, you’d be hard pressed to find a less costly alternative with nearly the same powerful impact.

In this article, we’ll explore a few important notes regarding targeted email marketing campaigns.

Reach Your Target

A word should be said about the term “targeted.” While it might seem like a smart investment to purchase an inexpensive list of “leads” to send your messages off to, bear in mind, none of the people behind those endless email addresses ever requested your information. Such unsolicited emails typically won’t make it past a person’s spam filter, and that’s only if their legitimate email servers decide your message is fit to send along at all.

At best, you’ll have only irritated the person who reads it. At worst, you’ll find yourself in violation of federal anti-spam laws. To say that your email campaign is targeted means that the folks on your mailing list have actually opted to receive your information, and not only is this method far less shady than resorting to lead sheets, it’s much more effective.

Give a Little 

If you’ve got a web presence, whether it’s your own website or a simple Facebook page, you’ve got the perfect means by which to get people to opt-in to receive your messages. As you interact with folks online, you’d be wise to offer up such things as coupon codes and exclusive discounts in exchange for a user’s email address.

Also be sure to put the addresses you’ve acquired via transactions to good use – these people have demonstrated a clear interest in your wares, and keeping them informed is all the more likely to inspire repeat business.

Be Worthwhile

Once you’ve got anything in the way of addresses belonging to those who have opted in, operate your campaign much as you would a traditional print or snail-mail campaign of advertisements and newsletters. Be sure to clue folks in about limited-time discounts and new products they’ll likely find interesting, and reward the faithful with ever more coupon codes.

But remember that digital marketing has advantages that print and mail don’t. For example, remember that email interactions take place almost immediately, so be sure to provide links so that impulsive types might waste no time converting your message into an online transaction.

What’s the Word: Unsolicited email marketing campaigns are a nebulous tactic of spammers, a waste of time and money that can only invite trouble. But by providing pertinent information to those who’ve opted in for such things, a targeted email campaign can win sales from folks you’d never have enough postage stamps to reach otherwise.

What type of information do you send your community of subscribers?


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