The Not-So-Sexy Side of Sales Page Writing

This morning, I read an email that made me question my privacy.

Had the writer gone through my trash?

Was he peeking through my windows? The not-so-sexy side of sales page writinginformation in his email sure felt like it.

He spoke to me. He knew my needs. He knew my fears. He offered solutions to my frustrations.

He connected with me. And, friends, that’s what it’s all about.

Before you can sit down to write that irresistible sales page, you got to dig into the not-so-sexy side of sales page writing – finding out what motivates your ideal client.

Why is this step so critical?

Think back to the email I just talked about. That guy had me all figured out. Alternatively, your inbox is loaded with emails that are impersonal, dry and “salesy.” They don’t make you feel like the writer cares about you and your desires. And that leaves you a click away from unsubscribing.

To write sales pages that motivate people to act, we must do something bold and crazy – actually build relationships. (Now that’s not really all that wild and crazy, is it?)

Watch this 2-minute video to hear the three most important questions you must answer before writing your sales page.

What’d you think about the questions? Not so tough to answer, right?

Your Turn

Of course, I couldn’t let you leave without homework. Jot down your answers to the questions in the video. Really give this some thought because the answers will form the foundation for your sales page.  Don’t write your sales page. We’ll get into that soon enough.

Until next time,

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