Sell Your Swag: The Secret to Getting More Business Part 3

swag, secret to getting more business part 3Can you believe it’s already the first Friday of December? I’m sure you’re planning to end 2013 on a high note, and that’s exactly what I’m here to help you do.

It seems like we were just talking about swag appreciation yesterday. So how did you do with identifying your dream customers? We’d love to hear what you came up with, leave your comments here.

When I started talking about swag two weeks ago, I had no idea that this would turn into a series, but hey things just happen sometimes. This is the last of the Swag Series.

So let’s recap: you’ve identified and owned your swag; you identified your swag lovers – what’s next? You’ve got to package your swag for selling.

Sell Your Swag

So now that you’ve identified who will appreciate your swag, you’ve got to tell the world how wonderful you are. So what would you say if I asked you to bundle up all that swag (and we know you’ve got IT) into just ONE sentence?

Come on and say it. Did it feel awkward or did it roll right off your tongue? Did it sound choppy and silly or was it perfect?

Having swag is great, but it’s got to mean something to other people. For example, your flashy, flamboyant swag may signal to others that you’re extremely successful and people are drawn to you because they want that success to rub off on them. Or maybe you have an infectious personality that cheers people up in any situation.

Get It Done

Bundling our swag into just ONE sentence is tough and takes a great deal of focus and confidence in knowing who you are. But in the end, it’s worth every bit of the time spent. So here’s a formula I use when helping entrepreneurs and marketers write print and digital copy for their businesses.

I help [insert the group who appreciates your swag] + [the benefit – what you help them do] + [the feature – enter your specialness].

For example, I’d say something like: I help early-stage entrepreneurs [group who appreciates my swag] attract their ideal clients [the benefit] by finding the right words to put their passion on paper. [the feature].

Let’s Make It Happen

I’d never advocate working over the weekend, so go ahead and take the weekend off. But on Monday, I need you in front of the PC, laptop, iPad, iPhone – whatever you prefer – drafting your ONE sentence using the formula above. Write the sentence a few different ways until it rolls off your tongue and feels natural. Remember it’s all about YOUR swag so it’s gotta be real and beneficial to your audience.

Did you find this helpful? Go ahead and share your powerful sentence below in the comments! If you want some extra help, send me an email and we’ll style up your brilliant biz sentence together.

Spill the Tea (aka Share the Secret)

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