Three Ways to Boost Website Visibility Now

Learning how to boost website visibility is much more difficult than simply having a website, which is why many business owners fall short when it comes to website promotion. Content marketing is a new phrase that surfaced a few years ago. Now really cool and smart marketing professionals use it frequently. But is content marketing really a new concept?

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Three Proven Ways to Promote Your Web Content

Just like bell bottom pants and platform shoes, all things come full circle and content marketing is no different. This highly effective concept of creating informational content that’s valuable to clients and prospects has been around for decades.

Many very cool and smart marketers have been developing content-rich material and sharing it online – but maybe never knew what to call it … until recently. The bottom line is that content marketing or whatever you want to call it is here to stay. Either you get in the game or go home.

Shout out to Zach Michonski for writing about “The Three E’s of Successful Content Marketing.”

Here’s a look at how to promote your web content using three easy content marketing tactics.

1. Engage
What action do you want your web content to encourage? Think about your audience. What can you say to engage your customers and move them in your desired direction?

Michonski suggests “the content should naturally match the personality of your audience.”

2. Educate
Customers want to be informed. So, give your audience what they want. Educating your customers is a win-win – they get the solid web content they crave and you get increased exposure.

Michonski says to “make sure you’re devoting some resources to a strategy that lets you update website content with articles that educate the user on your industry or the environment in which the product or service is used.”

3. Earn
You’ve engaged and educated your audience. Now it’s time to earn the rewards of your work. Stay tuned in to Google Analytics or other similar tools to measure what web content drives conversions.

Michonski says “by identifying the pages that keep people on your site, inspire them [to] click around and—hopefully—convert, you’ll get insights on how to update your strategy for maximized, sustained content earnings.”

What’s the Word: Promoting your blog, website copy or other web content takes time and patience. However, you must engage and educate your audience to reap the rewards of your content marketing efforts.

How are you engaging your online audience?

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