Unsolicited Advice for Freelancers Who Want to Make More Money

I’ve got some unsolicited advice for freelancers who want to make more money (I can almost guarantee I’m talking to all of you) …

But first, it’s quiz time:

What’s the best way to get biz folks racing to snatch up all your freelancing services?

I’ll give you a hint…

It doesn’t require killer copywriting skillz or any psychological Jedi mind tricks.

And another hint…

If you do this one thing, in ANY email to your list of loyal followers, on your website,or in your marketing, you are almost guaranteed to attract more clients (especially people who are actively looking for people like you), probably get a ton of sales, and, if you do it right, get a pile of fresh, new leads.

Anyway, make no mistake about it:

If you do this one thing, your products and services can almost sell themselves.

It’s forehead-smack easy.

It charges people with emotion.

And, I guarantee you’ll kick yourself for not realizing it sooner.

Ready to hear what “IT” is? Click the link below and listen in on my guest interview on The Freedom Biz Podcast. The answer is ’round about the 20:00 mark.

Go here to listen:


P.S. I’ve never been one to sugarcoat things … so if you’re looking for flowery and sweet… this interview ain’t it. But if you’re looking for real talk about being a mom, wife and entrepreneur, you should probably grab your pen and listen up.


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See ya on the other side…