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Can’t seem to write power words that propel people to open up their wallets?

Not seeing ANY results from your marketing messages and business communications?

You’re not alone!

Writing for your business seems easy. After all, you earned all A’s and B’s in English class. But after spending hours worrying whether you were using the right words and if your words were persuasive enough to sell your services, you quickly realized that writing business communications is nothing like crafting academic papers.

Here’s the cold, hard truth: You’re absolutely right to worry. Because if you want to earn what you’re worth and attract bigger + better clients, you need to know how to craft captivating content. (Or have an awesome freelance writer on speed dial.)

And that’s just where I come in. Here’s 3 ways to get business content that brings in major moolah:

#1 – Start winning (at the Win Academy)

If my VIP coaching sessions and DFY services had an adorably affordable love child, the Write It Now Academy would be it. The WIN Academy features a collection of ultra-helpful micro-lessons to help you become a clearer, more confident writer in less than 20 minutes per course.

When you join WIN, I’ll send you a unique username + password to unlock instant access to no-fluff lessons where you’ll learn to:

  • Painlessly write website copy (the words you use on your site to market your services) that grabs your readers by the eyeballs and propels them to open up their wallets for you
  • Write enticing sales proposals that hook bigger + better clients
  • Use guest blogging to reel in thousands of raving fans

Since it’s so much easier to write when you can see real examples, I’m also including writing samples to show you how I’ve written business communications for clients. And here’s the best part: Every month, you’ll get to grab a new micro-lesson and send one page of business content to me for some TLC.

Click here to get in on this content love fest.

#2 – Tell me what’s driving you nuts (at the Copy Clinic)

This is a laser VIP coaching session I put together to help you write with authority and become a copywriting boss is just one day. For a full hour, you + me will dissect that one page of copy that you’ve been going nuts trying to write.

After the call, I’ll send you an e-bag filled with goodies. You’ll get worksheets, video training, writing samples and a personalized action plan to help you whip your copy into words that sound 100% you and connect with your readers.

#3 – Throw it over the fence (and go have some fun)

Sometimes you just need to throw a project over the fence – not because you don’t have the skills, but because you don’t have the time or energy. (And you’ve got a gazillion things to do.) Trust … I understand and will gladly check writing off your list.

Clients call me to write captivating:

  • Ad copy
  • Blog posts
  • Business letters
  • Business plans
  • Magazine articles
  • Marketing content
  • RFP responses and grant proposals
  • Web copy
  • White papers
  • And, even Dear John letters

Consider me your word concierge – whatever you need, I’ve got your back (unless you’re being asked to perform at the Grammy’s – I’d for sure get you fired because singing is so NOT my thing). Click here to book your FREE project review so we can create some magic on paper that turns your raving fans into avid clients.

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